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Deputy Manager - HR

Dowlath Towers, Chennai

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What is your favourite go-to cuisine?

Pongal, Mutton Curry and Biryani.

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As a child, what dreams fueled your imagination for the future?

I always dreamt of becoming a fearless leader and be loyal towards my work.

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Values that holds deep significance in your life?

Honesty, Humility, Responsibility and Loyalty.

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Name a role model who inspires you?

My Father.

What brings fulfilment to your work?

What fuels my enthusiasm and motivation in my role at Inspirisys is the perpetual stream of new opportunities and the chance to acquire fresh knowledge and strategies. This continuous process of learning ensures that my work remains both stimulating and rewarding.


Ever faced challenges in your projects or daily work? How did you overcome them?

Embracing challenges is integral in any professional setting, and I approach them with a positive mindset. In my current role, managing resource attrition is a significant challenge. However, I've devised a meticulously structured action plan within my roles and responsibilities, providing a feasible workaround.

My strategy includes prioritizing tasks among team members, streamlining workflow, and proactively addressing challenges related to resource recruitment. This ensures that team remains resilient and well-prepared for potential hurdles in the organizational landscape.

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Share your greatest accomplishment so far?

I take pride in a track record of successful accomplishments, particularly in the seamless management of resource provisioning and attrition. I have consistently ensured the provision of replacement resources for numerous projects, minimizing escalations related to resourcing. This achievement is noteworthy not only because it aligns with agreed-upon timeframes from the client's perspective but also remained exceptional even during the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, showcasing efficient and effective management.

What's the best feature of organizational culture?

What truly distinguishes Inspirisys' culture is its commitment to transparent communication, continuous feedback, mutual respect, well-defined objectives, and its dedication to fostering employee growth and development.

What keeps you entertained when you're not at work?

Beyond work, I keep myself engaged and entertained through a range of activities. These include embarking on long car journeys, cycling, indulging in the therapeutic joy of music, and honing my culinary skills in the kitchen. These hobbies provide a means of relaxation and rejuvenation outside of the workplace.

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Words of Wisdom

I would say, always strive to make a positive impact on your peers and subordinates by leaving a lasting impression. Whenever possible, extend your support to others and dedicate quality time to building relationships with your team members. Provide regular feedback to assist your subordinates in charting their career paths. Uphold a strong work ethic and remain steadfast in your commitment to your ethical values. Keep a positive mindset, efficiently prioritize your work, and stay resolute in your pursuit of goals.

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