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Pooja Balakrishnan

Executive HR

Dowlath Towers, Chennai

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Which field did you aspire to pursue?

Administrative Management

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What is your favourite go-to cuisine?

South Indian and American

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Values that hold deep significance in your life?

Courage, Honesty and Love.

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Name a role model who inspires you?

Mr. A. Balakrishnan - My Father

What brings fulfilment to your work?

Beyond merely a paycheque, fulfilment at work entails thriving within a supportive environment where hard work yields tangible rewards. It's about fostering mutual respect among colleagues and feeling assured in my role. Together, these elements culminate in a deeply gratifying work experience for me.


Share a bit about your team.

As an HR Executive, I've had the honour of closely working with my exceptional HR team. Together, we exemplify professionalism, responsiveness, and strong support, creating a vibrant work environment driven by efficient processes, employee advocacy, and a dedication to continuous enhancement.

As the lead for Learning and Development (L&D) within our team, I am privileged to contribute to the conception and implementation of impactful training programs. Our collective efforts focus on fostering employee development and growth while ensuring that learning initiatives are intricately aligned with our organizational objectives. By nurturing a culture of perpetual learning, we actively contribute to the organization's overarching success. Our team goes beyond functionality, fostering positive employee engagement through open communication, recognition, growth opportunities, work-life balance support, and inclusivity, ensuring every member thrives.

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Have you ever faced challenges in your projects or daily work? How did you overcome them?

Yes, indeed. Navigating challenging work situations can undoubtedly affect your mental well-being. While brushing things off may offer temporary relief, it's hard to ignore the lasting impact they can have. Personally, I've discovered that persistence is key - I refused to allow these situations to consume me. Instead, I've learned that addressing concerns openly with superiors, despite the initial apprehension, is essential for safeguarding mental health. Striking this balance enables better focus and productivity in the workplace.

What's the best feature of your organizational culture?

In my opinion, the standout feature of organizational culture is the combination of strong leadership supported by an encouraging management approach. It creates a cohesive team environment characterized by open communication, mutual respect and shared goals. And, what sets Inspirisys apart is its commitment to helping employees grow and develop. It feels like being part of a supportive family where everyone is invested in each other's success.

What keeps you entertained when you're not at work?

Dance has always been my true passion, igniting within me a desire to stay fit that soon evolved into a lifelong fascination. From mastering Bharatanatyam to exploring Western, Folk, and Ballet styles, I've embraced every rhythm and movement. Beyond the dance floor, I find joy in painting, creating intricate rangolis, adorning hands with beautiful mehndi, and experimenting with delectable sweet dishes in the kitchen.

But my love for exploration doesn't end there – I thrive on travelling to distant lands, immersing myself in diverse cultures, and capturing their vibrant essence through my lens. I firmly believe that each new avenue I explore adds a unique splash of colour to the canvas of my life.

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Words of Wisdom

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness, we will discover the infinite power of our light”.

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