Enterprises today face an increasingly chaotic environment where cyber threats are ever-more sophisticated and pervasive, at a time when the amount of enterprise endpoints and data shared at the edge are growing exponentially. Cybersecurity and endpoint chaos are putting organizations at risk while cutting into employee productivity and increasing IT costs.

The proliferation of endpoints only adds to the complexity and cost. Geopolitical tensions don’t help the security situation, and the lack of consistent Internet governance makes it even harder to implement effective protections. Meanwhile, organizations are struggling to deal with a rising number of security vendors, consoles, and alerts - and spending more resources responding to breaches. Some of the biggest concerns are building a cost effective zero trust model, lack of skilled professionals, risk mitigation, BYOD in the era of remote work, user privacy and productivity.

Join speakers Sumit Chouhan, Sr Engg. Lead - India & SAARC and Vivek Sadrangani, Sales Lead - India & SAARC - BlackBerry for the webinar: From Zero Trust to Zero Touch. You will discover how to protect against the “bad” as well as how to streamline and fast-track the “good”.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Protecting your most valuable business assets
  • Detecting anomaly by spotting attack patterns using algorithms
  • Harnessing advanced AI techniques
  • Encompassing Unified Endpoint Security

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