Job Opportunities

Solaris Admin | Chennai

Experience: 4 to 6 Years

Certification: Sun Solaris Certification* - Mandatory

Requirements / Responsibilities:

  • Installation of Operating System; upgrades from existing to new and Applying patches as per bank policy
  • Management of Solaris Servers and Server Clusters including upgradations of Solaris OS as and when required
  • Fine-tuning for optimum performance
  • Proactive Disk Space and CPU usage Management
  • Reloading OS on servers
  • Creating new file systems
  • Creation of shell scripts or batch programs to automate certain procedures
  • Server backup (system state) management
  • Implementation of Audit/VAPT recommendations
  • Support during DR Drill which happens during night hours
  • Maintaining Solaris Virtualization (Control and guest, Domains)
  • OS hardening and server configuration management
  • OS level Backup and Restoration with the help of Backup Admin
  • User access management
  • OS-level server security management
  • Proactive monitoring of release of security Patches and Logs received