HTTP Protocol in RFCs

HTTP Protocol in RFCs:

Request for Comments denotes a type of publication from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and Internet Society (ISOC).  IETF and ISOC are the technical development and standard-setting bodies for the Internet and official documents of Internet specifications, communications protocols, procedures, and events. RFC covers...

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Targeted Attacks versus APTs

Targeted Attacks versus APTs:

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) seems familiar to US military over the tenure of a decade. Advanced Persistent Threats are network attacks in which performers include nation-states. However, these attacks have not advertised about the performers. Even codes have not revealed regarding which country or intelligence...

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Top 10 Key Features Of Recent IT Workspace Management and Automation

Top 10 Key Features Of Recent IT Workspace Management and Automation:

In recent years, the IT Sphere is facing challenges in establishing a standard and managed workspace for diversified users with next-generation features for device management. In the business environment, it is mandatory to create a desktop environment suitable to all...

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Zero Clients - Changing face of End User Computing

Zero Clients - Changing face of End User Computing:

It is always nice to search for an alternative option to end-user computing at the time of replacement with a new one. It is a common scenario when major desktops gets outdated and requires replacement with huge Capex. Typical work environments still occupy desktops, which...

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Developing Object Detection Models for Android Using Tensorflow

Developing Object Detection Models for Android Using Tensorflow:

Mobile operating environments like smartphones can benefit from on-device inference for machine learning tasks. It is common for mobile devices to use machine learning models hosted on the cloud. This approach creates latency and service availability problems, in addition to cloud service costs. With Tensorflow...

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Top 3 Evolving Trends in Test Automation Strategies

Top 3 Evolving Trends in Test Automation Strategies:

Test Automation market remains dynamic to accommodate the rapid digital transformation, intelligence, and business activity for numerous domains. These variations with continuous testing are going to be a dominant strategy in test automation scenario. Long delivery cycles are obsolete, because of continuous delivery and deployment practices....

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Public Cloud Services Ecosystem

Public Cloud Services Ecosystem:

Public cloud services delivers compute, storage, data and network resources in a self-service, highly automated fashion. The leading public cloud providers also offer platform as a service (PaaS) capabilities and other cloud software infrastructure services as part of an integrated IaaS + PaaS offering. However, there is still need for...

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