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The BFSI sector is experiencing high-speed digital transformation today. There is a profound effect on financial establishments due to the rapid changes in the technological era; and the patrons, especially the Generation Y prefer using the digital channels to engage with them. Therefore, to meet the expectations of constant customer engagement and to stay ahead of the competition from the emerging non-banking players in the market, BFSI service providers need to step up their game.

With over two decades of experience and a brand that believes in evolving with time, Inspirisys helps in bringing in digital disruption the BFSI segment needs. Partnering with the leading platform vendors, we help build best of breed solutions.

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The Impact of Digital Banking Kiosk on Customer Experience

The Impact of Digital Banking Kiosk on Customer Experience:

Customer experience is always a high hanging fruit for the banking industry. Every financial institution is trying its best to provide the finest customer experience. But, it largely depends on the total banking experience of the customer throughout the customer journey with the bank. To become a front-runner in the banking industry, banks should have bird-eye-view on their customer journey. Th...

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Top Data Migration Challenges in Core Banking

Top Data Migration Challenges in Core Banking:

“Going digital” is a popular slogan in most of the industries. Banking industry is not an exception in the digital economy. According to a Forrester report, "about 60% of banks around the world are planning or performing a transformation project”. But data migration is not that easy as it looks. It involves records from different sources and in different formats. The prime c...

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North Korean Cyber-attack on Indian Banks - Here is how we can help

North Korean Cyber-attack on Indian Banks - Here is how we can help:

Global Cyber Security firm Kaspersky exposed a new active malware on the systems of Indian Financial Institutions. It has the capacity to steal confidential information including transaction details. As well as, it can grant access to remotely control the infected devices. Since this malware has the attributes that are correlated with Wannacry Ransomware infections which affected numerous systems ...

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Targeted Attacks versus APTs

Targeted Attacks versus APTs:

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) seems familiar to US military over the tenure of a decade. Advanced Persistent Threats are network attacks in which performers include nation-states. However, these attacks have not advertised about the performers. Even codes have not revealed regarding which country or intelligence agency remains responsible for APTs. Mostly, attackers could be availing proxies an...

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