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The government has been at the forefront of digitization initiatives to increase productivity, drive efficiency, and improve citizen services. New age digital technologies play a critical role in enabling the digitization initiatives.

We believe in creating an engaging and empowering digital environment across every segment of governance. Leveraging our proven experience and innovative solutions, we enable government and public sector organizations to better assist the citizens. Inspirisys with its team of subject matter experts can help address the key development challenges faced by government agencies in designing, developing and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions. We bring on the table, the best global practices and industry solutions to best suit the specific requirements of our clients in order to meet their full potential.

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Countermeasures for DDoS attacks in Cyber Space

Countermeasures for DDoS attacks in Cyber Space:

The internet was designed to share information seamlessly between multiple connected devices. But lack of security measures turned the heads of cybercriminals. Now, security is the crucial factor to design any kind of connected technologies. In 1988, a self-replicating computer program called the Morris Worm involuntarily caused about 10% of ARPANET machines glitch by weakening its computer resour...

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RBI Mandate Cyber Security Guidelines for Urban Cooperative Banks

RBI Mandate Cyber Security Guidelines for Urban Cooperative Banks:

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) publicised mandatory cyber security policies for Urban Cooperative Banks on December 31, 2019. In accordance with the announcement, UCBs are directed to implement the below cyber security measures to ensure safe and secured banking. Conduct periodic security assessment of public-facing websites/applications Strengthen the cyber security incident reporting m...

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