Growing through agile digital disruption

Telecom companies are embracing newer technologies for providing a better digital experience to its customers. The communication service providers (CSP) are confronted with the radical changes in the ever-changing business environment. The mechanics of doing business have seen a change over the years leading to evolutions in the business model.

With every wave of innovation there are opportunities to rebalance strategies and at Inspirisys we help our clients explore their complete potential of growth by exploiting extensive possibilities. We help the communication service providers to leverage the latest opportunities such as digital services, IoT, and omni-channel experiences to foster seamless transformation.

Success Stories


Developing Object Detection Models for Android Using Tensorflow

Developing Object Detection Models for Android Using Tensorflow:

Mobile operating environments like smartphones can benefit from on-device inference for machine learning tasks. It is common for mobile devices to use machine learning models hosted on the cloud. This approach creates latency and service availability problems, in addition to cloud service costs. With Tensorflow Lite, it becomes possible to do such inference tasks on the mobile device itself. Model...

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