Reimagining healthcare through emerging technologies

Globally, the healthcare industry, including the providers and the payers are witnessing rapid changes with the expansion of digitization. The healthcare industry is facing many challenges, among them are – the rise of the engaged consumers, improving the patient care experience, reduce the healthcare costs while having COVID-19 IT framework, more cost transparency, navigating the ever-changing regulatory reforms.

Our key areas of services for Life Sciences, Center around software development, platform customization and data analytics with a special focus on extending applications to the cloud.

Our integrated solution for livestock health management is a combination of reusable tags, short range, and long-range communication devices, software, cloud and analytics that provides near-realtime updates on your livestock – anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Backed by more than two decades of experience and delivery excellence, our healthcare solutions assist these organizations to address the current challenges to stay agile, smart and connected. From improving efficiencies to advancing quality of care, Inspirisys is here to help the healthcare organizations innovate and transform for a digital future. As the technology leader, Inspirisys is always at the cutting edge of the quest to constantly improve and evolve on best practices in the healthcare sector.

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Public Cloud Services Ecosystem

How COVID-19 is bringing a new wave of healthcare innovation:

No one can predict the exact occurrences of the future. But, preparedness for the future is vital in the present. COVID-19 is a frightful shock to the global economy as well as the thousands of individuals and families it has affected. With this virus, we are already seeing early signs of a shift in how the healthcare industry behaves. Innovations in healthcare are dedicated to brace technological...

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Public Cloud Services Ecosystem

Role of RPA in Optimizing Healthcare Operations:

Healthcare is one of the busiest industries in the world. From Doctor’s appointment scheduling to medical insurance claiming, there are a lot of processes involved. In particular, these processes are mostly repeated. After the advent of digital technology, the healthcare industry gained a positive pace. Digital technology helps to improve diagnosis & treatment, speed & accuracy, pati...

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