Countermeasures for DDoS attacks in Cyber Space

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The internet was designed to share information seamlessly between multiple connected devices. But lack of security measures turned the heads of cybercriminals. Now, security is the crucial factor to design any kind of connected technologies. In 1988, a self-replicating computer program called the Morris Worm involuntarily caused about 10% of ARPANET machines glitch by weakening its computer resources. Today, with over 4 billion users, the internet has become an inevitable part of businesses and individuals. The downside of all this accessibility is vulnerability to disruption. Malicious users are often able to steal information or halt business operations, with motives ranging from industrial espionage and revenge to financial gain.

Our Approach to Cyber Resilience

DDoS cyber-attacks make global news headlines daily, with stories reporting how a cyber-actor or group is capable of causing significant downtime for a website or use the disruption to breach security, making a financial and reputational disaster. These types of attacks are administered by targeting a single system from different sources. The scale of these attacks is rising drastically and many enterprises are falling prey to this. The financial risk comes with this attack is unprecedented. If the target is a website or an application of a financial firm or an e-commerce company, the number of transactions or purchases will get affected that pose a revenue loss. Effective DDoS prevention requires countermeasures against all types of DDoS attacks. In light of the consequences, organizations have started to spend on DDoS protection and Mitigation services. Here is how we helped a government-owned company to stay ahead of DDoS attacks.

Being a govt., owned company, our client was under the radar of myriad cyber-attacks. Their complex network was not well equipped to mitigate incoming threats. It required an efficient security solution to ensure cyber resilience. With our expertise in the enterprise security landscape, we approached their challenges with the installation of checkpoint DDoS Protector 3006 security appliance. It helped the client’s operations to keep running with multi-layered, customizable protections and 12 Gbps performance that automatically defend against network flood and application-layer attacks for fast response time against denial of service attacks. With DP 3006, we offered 24/7 support and resources to ensure up-to-the-minute protections. Additionally, we configured signatures to detect DDoS attacks based on changing network traffic.

The client benefited from our predictable, steady, effective and reliable form of DDoS protection and mitigation service. They observed a positive reduction in operational and CapEx cost. Their service availability was significantly improved.

Why Inspirisys is the best DDoS mitigation service provider?

Our DDoS protection and mitigation service detects and blocks DDoS attacks swiftly. We fortify the network from malicious traffics. Our deep expertise in the enterprise security landscape enables us to provide the best DDoS protection and mitigation service.

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