How Speed of detection is the key to Risk mitigation in Advanced Malware defence

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Many businesses think that external cyber security threats are their biggest cause of concern. While ransomware and malware attacks undoubtedly pose significant threats, the notion that the majority of cyber security breaches are external is wrong. Whether it is disgruntled employees deleting crucial or uneducated stakeholders engaging with phishing emails, 40% of data breaches are caused by insider threats. Internal cyber attackers have learnt to cover their tracks by deleting log histories, hiding within volumes of traffic, stealing legitimate user credentials and pulling out data in small, infrequent batches.

A Verizon Data Breach Report says that 70 to 90 percent of malware samples are completely unique to a business. This means the malware never gets identified automatically as a threat. If your company is dependent solely on signature-based tools, you are at greater risk. You could well have malware running actively in your environments and be totally unaware of it. Motivated threat actors will find ways to bypass simple preventive measures. This includes advanced measures that count on previous experience or knowledge of a strain of malware to detect and stop it. More advanced techniques such as metamorphism, polymorphism, and sandbox evasion are no longer just confined to the domain of sophisticated threat actors.

The impact of a cyber attack on businesses

The impact of a cyber attack on any business can be significant, be it financial or on its reputation. A recent study by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport found that 43% of businesses surveyed experienced a cyber security breach in the last 12 months. Business insurers Hiscox state that the estimated cost of such a breach is $243,000. Looking at the severe impacts of a cyber-attack, it should no longer be considered just an IT problem, but an entire business problem. Average losses resulting from a cyber-attack have now soared from $229,000 to $369,000. That is an increase of 61%. Company CEOs, CISOs and IT managers need to think of the worst possible outcomes and how they can respond to them.  

Advanced malware defence

Keeping these factors in mind, effective approaches for addressing malware can’t be based only on prevention. An advanced malware defence should also focus on deep visibility and a swift response. These insights make it easier for companies and businesses to understand the scope and impact of threats to their environment, and let them take remedial actions.

Advanced threat defence

Advance Threat Defense


What makes advanced malware defense so daunting is the millions of cyber attacks that network security organizations encounter each year. A large share of core malware instances are mostly identical, but have been cleverly disguised. What makes Inspirisys Solutions Limited's advanced malware solutions so different from other malware solutions in the market is its tri-model solutions framework. This intrusion detection system lets companies protect, inform, and enable. When it comes to protection, the key is to protect the customer’s digital assets. When it comes to informing, companies are continuously monitored and alerted about attacks by implementing an effective Incident Response System. Businesses should also be enabled to make effective decisions using these insights.

Countering Insider threats

It is becoming increasingly apparent that companies need clearer insight and visibility into the threats posed by cyber criminals. A Ponemon study indicates that the average cybercriminal can spend up to 197 days inside a network before being discovered, while it takes an average of 266 days to detect and respond to cyber security attacks. 

Need for Rapid Responses

When it comes to detection and risk mitigation, speed is of the essence. Companies need to make sure that they have all the right resources, right from staff to systems, to identify what is happening to their infrastructure and deal with threats quickly and efficiently. Many companies get overwhelmed by the speed of technological change, and end up losing sight of the bigger picture.

With the digital threat landscape evolving constantly, it can be difficult, especially with limited resources, to address every incident occurring across your on-premise and cloud environments. Instead, you should be able to cut through the clutter of alerts and false positives through a unified threat management system.

Inspirisys' SIEM solution comes with an effective security monitoring system that incorporates data gathered from the continuous endpoint detection and response (PCs, laptops, mobile devices and servers) as well as the networks and log and event sources. Not only will Inspirisys help thwart an external attack on your organization, but it will also identify internal threats to your business by addressing unauthorised or unsanctioned user behaviour.

Take complete control of your Cyber Security

Whether it is financial or based on reputation, the consequences of a cyber breach can often be catastrophic and fatal for an organization. Early risk mitigation and threat detection is the key to help minimizing harm to your business.

As an integral piece of an Adaptive Defence strategy, Inspirisys Solutions offers state-of-the-art network security offerings to keep you protected against cyber attacks that bypass traditional signature-based tools such as antivirus software, next-generation firewall security, and sandbox tools. Get in touch with us for the latest, most advanced malware defence solutions and enhance the growth of your business.

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