How COVID-19 is bringing a new wave of healthcare innovation

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No one can predict the exact occurrences of the future. But, preparedness for the future is vital in the present. COVID-19 is a frightful shock to the global economy as well as the thousands of individuals and families it has affected. With this virus, we are already seeing early signs of a shift in how the healthcare industry behaves. Innovations in healthcare are dedicated to brace technological innovators to address the COVID-19 global pandemic. While technological experts are uniquely positioning themselves to flatten the curve, the lessons from the current pandemic situation drive innovation to handle the post-pandemic world. This blog walks through the new wave of healthcare innovation that healthcare sector can expect in the near future.


telehealth-healthcare innovation in post pandemic world,inspirisys healthcareSocial distancing is the new norm to tide over the pandemic crisis. This is not just limited to the public but extends to healthcare workers. Today, people refrain from in-person consulting. In this situation, telehealth promises smooth healthcare delivery. Telehealth is the provision of healthcare remotely utilizing telecommunications technology. Previously this tech solution was held back for several reasons. But today, this is the only mean to save lives without risking lives. The advantage of telehealth is, with chatbots and automated algorithm, it can handle more patients than in-person care. According to Forrester Research, the adoption of telemedicine shifted into hyper-drive with virtual healthcare interactions on pace to top 1 billion by the end of 2020.

Pharmaceutical Delivery

Pharmaceutical Delivery-healthcare technology to overcome pandemic situation,  healthcare solutions, inspirisys solutionsThe demand followed by the COVID-19 lockdown around the world is not just limited to groceries. People’s pharmaceutical needs have been increasing drastically. Compliances for online pharmacies are getting relaxed to let technology lead the pharmaceutical-delivery. But, the industry is being regularised with a new set of rules and regulations. It extends to the door-step delivery of essential medicines. On the other hand, even online pharmacies are struggling to fulfil customer needs due to acute shortage of staffs and increased demand. But, the advent of Robotic Process Automation promises to overcome the challenges of increasing demand while complying with the regulations by automating high-volume repetitive tasks. Pharmaceutical industry foresees RPA to enrich the quality of medical data by reducing the need to source data from third parties.

Monitoring and Analytical Tools

monitoring and analytical tools for pandemic situations, inpsirisys healthcare, healthcare industryGlobal health innovators are springing into action to answer the call for novel healthcare inventions to fight the novel virus. Pandemic monitoring and analytical tools are the prime need to keep pandemics under control. Medical data helps to make smart decisions on when to seek medical care and when to stay home. Some of the powerful Artificial Intelligence capabilities like machine learning and deep learning, unleashing the power of health data. The biggest challenge to Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is not whether the technologies will be apt to be useful, but rather establishing their adoption in daily clinical practice. For ubiquitous adoption to take place, AI must be approved by regulators, standardised to a sufficient degree and paid by public or private payer organisations and updated over time in the field.

How Inspirisys can help to tide over the pandemic crisis and aid the post-pandemic world?

Inspirisys is committed to bringing healthcare innovation with state-of-the-art technologies that revolutionize the healthcare industry. As the industry is facing many challenges such as the rise of the engaged consumers, improving the patient care experience, reduce the healthcare costs, more cost transparency and navigating the ever-changing regulatory reforms, our solutions to healthcare industry, address the current challenges to stay agile, smart and connected. We aid the healthcare industry to tide over this unprecedented pandemic crisis with AI-powered data analytics, chatbots and Robotic Process Automation solutions. From improving efficiencies to advancing quality of care, Inspirisys is here to help the healthcare organizations innovate and transform for a post-pandemic and digital future.

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