How cloud computing is keeping us connected amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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There is no denying that COVID-19 is the biggest pandemic of the 21st century. As social distancing is the new norm and lockdown being implemented across the globe, businesses are pushed to rely on technologies in every aspect of operations. This further pressing the businesses to go remote as a business continuity plan. As the accessibility of data and services largely depends on data centers (on-prem), it is becoming tough to manage data and services in remote working conditions. Luckily cloud adoption can help organizations to boost their productivity and improve the business continuity plans. In this blog, let’s walk through how cloud computing is keeping organizations connected amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


cloud computing, cloud services, inspirisys cloud servicesMany organizations have decided to pursue remote working strategy even after the lockdown been lifted. Cloud computing offers flexibility for employees to work from anywhere and at any time. Collaboration and communication tools powered by cloud technology can significantly improve the understanding of tasks and perfectly simulate real-time in-person meetings. The increase in the use of cloud-based communication tools proves the increased adoption of cloud. Since it rides the understanding factor in the team, it saves time spent on task misunderstanding. This, in turn, helps to increase productivity and efficiency.

Secured Connection

security services, coivd 19, cloud securitySecurity is a vital need for any kind of organization. No matter the size of the organizations, IT team is facing increased pressure from cyber criminals. During cyberattacks, organizations lose customer trust in a snap of a second which they had built for years. In this pandemic situation, connecting the endpoints and accessing the data with different networks is common. When someone accesses the organization’s data from a different network, security is at stake. But cloud services offer real-time data protection from various emerging cyber-attacks. The top-notch security features offered by the cloud providers are the top reason for most of the organization to adopt cloud technology for secured business agility.

Connect with Stakeholders

cloud comouting, cloud services, cloud solutions, covid 19While businesses struggle with cash flow in this unprecedented pandemic situation, cloud computing can significantly reduce the IT cost. It is one of the most significant benefits of the cloud. Early adoption of the cloud can make a tremendous impact on the business models and gain a competitive edge. Enterprises can leave the task of running IT infrastructure to cloud service providers while focusing on core competencies. It helps them to quickly provision resources and stand-ready for business opportunities. Also, it enables them to build virtual and open business processes that empower its stakeholders including customers, suppliers, partners etc to connect and do business seamlessly.

How Inspirisys can help you stay connected amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

The world without cloud computing will surely be mired by inefficiencies. Inspirisys helps enterprises to harness the power of cloud solutions to accelerate their businesses. We transform business process with our overarching suite of services. In these difficult times, Cloud being the cornerstone that drives digital transformation, Inspirisys as your reliable cloud partner will help in smooth navigation through your cloud journey. We deliver services to our clients covering the entire cloud lifecycle defining the right-fit cloud strategy and architecture, implementing/migrating cloud solutions and delivering SLA based cloud managed services to tide over the correct business challenges.

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