Latest Cyberattacks and Data Breaches with Significant Financial Impact

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Technology is a two-edged sword. No matter how far we grow and find modern data solutions, there is always a group of cybercriminals waiting to crack from behind. Newer security measures are just newer challenges for hackers and they never stop to perform malicious activities.

It is important for all businesses, irrespective of their size, to be aware of all the latest malware and types of cyberattacks. By staying updated about current cyber threats, enterprises can be prepared for any attacks and detect suspicious activities.

Below given are the latest cyber-attacks and data breaches that have had a significant financial impact on various sectors.


Ransomware gang uses new zero-day to steal data on 1 million patients

Prolific ransomware operation is back with old tricks — and new victims. Community Health Systems (CHS), one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States with close to 80 hospitals in 16 states, confirmed this week that criminal hackers accessed the personal and protected health information of up to 1 million patients.

Source: Techcrunch

1 Indian firm pays Rs 8.2cr for email-driven cyber attack

Indian organizations are among the most likely to be hit with a successful email attack, and those affected faced an average potential cost of over $1 million (approx Rs 8.2 crore) for their most expensive attack. About 82 percent of Indian organizations had fallen victim to at least one successful email attack in the last 12 months.

Source: Glamsham

Ransomware Attacks are down 61% In 2022, but average costs remain high

A new study reports a 61% drop in ransomware attacks versus the previous year’s findings. In 2021, 64% of organizations had experienced ransomware attacks. That number plunged to 25% for the 2022 period. While ransomware attacks dropped for companies of all sizes, smaller companies saw a 7% greater reduction as compared to those with over 100 employees; 56% of larger companies now say that they experienced a ransomware attack in the past year, compared to 13% of the SMEs.

Source: CPOMagazine

Morgan Advanced says cyber attack will cost it tens of millions

Morgan Advanced Materials plc said the cyberattack it reported last month will cost it between £8mln and £12mln directly, with a greater additional knock-on to trading this year. Estimates for the direct cost include specialist professional fees and systems recovery, but the industrial ceramics group added the trading impact would reduce 2023’s profits by a further 10-15%.

Source: Proactive Investors

Suspected LockBit ransomware attack causes havoc in the City of London

A ransomware attack on trading software supplier Ion Group – potentially the work of the infamous LockBit cartel – has caused chaos for the City of London traders, leaving them unable to perform key duties. The incident has affected more than 40 clients, with some forced to resort to pen and paper to process their trades.

Source: ComputerWeekly

Cyberattack caused outage of 988 suicide helplines in US

A cyberattack caused a nearly daylong outage of the nation's new 988 mental health helpline late last year, federal officials told The Associated Press on Friday. Lawmakers are now calling for the federal agency that oversees the programme to prevent future attacks.

Source: Business Standard




Crypto hacks stole record $3.8 billion in 2022, led by North Korea groups

2022 was the worst on record for cryptocurrency heists, with hackers stealing as much as $3.8 billion, led by attackers linked to North Korea who netted more than ever before. October was the biggest single month ever for cryptocurrency hacking, with $775.7 million stolen in 32 separate attacks. The cryptocurrency market floundered in 2022, as risk appetite diminished and various crypto firms collapsed. Investors were left with large losses and regulators stepped up calls for more consumer protection.

North Korea-linked hackers such as those in the cybercriminal syndicate Lazarus Group have been by far the most prolific cryptocurrency hackers, stealing an estimated $1.7 billion worth of in multiple attacks last year, the report said.

Source: Financial Express

Wrap Up

The recent surge in cyberattacks serves as a stark reminder of the importance of cybersecurity in our modern digital world. The constantly evolving nature of cyber threats requires individuals and organizations to remain vigilant and proactive in protecting their sensitive information and assets. It is critical for all of us to stay informed about the latest cyber threats and take necessary precautions to safeguard ourselves and our digital systems against these ever-evolving threats.

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