The Impact of Digital Banking Kiosk on Customer Experience

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The tides of banking are changing. Technological advancements transformed user priorities and stressed the importance of customer experience in the banking industry. Customer experience is always a high hanging fruit for the banking industry and it has been the defining competitive differentiator. Every financial institution is trying its best to provide the finest customer experience. But it largely depends on the total banking experience of the customer throughout the customer journey with the bank. Many leading banks are pouring enormous resources into transforming the customer experience.

To become a front-runner in the banking industry, banks should have bird-eye-view on their customer journey. Customer experience journeys range from onboarding,transacting, maintenance to problem-solving. So, there are a lot of aspects that directly influence the banking experience. Customers demand ease and simplicity. Accompanied by simplicity, they need personalized experience and transparency in the banking process. Customer waiting time, ease-of-approach and transparency are some vital factors topping the list. All the new customer expectations can be met with technology.

Our approach to CX

With a vast experience in the banking industry, Inspirisys supports banks to uplift their customer experience in every aspect of the banking operations. Here is how we helped a major private sector bank in India to boost their customer experience by providing our state-of-the-art digital banking kiosk solution.

The bank’s traditional banking methodology had increased the customers’ waiting time which in-turn took an adverse effect on their customers’ experience. Financial institutions who worked on saving their customers’ time, had noticed a peak in their customer experience. The bank reckoned it and looked for digital kiosk solutions to dip the customer waiting time and improve the CX (Customer Experience).

Inspirisys proposed self-service banking kiosks that offer customers choice and flexibility to carry out their transactions at a more convenient channel. We approached their challenges with

  • Cheque deposit kiosk integrated with bulk cash acceptor
  • Passbook printing kiosk
  • Account opening kiosk with a complete software solution
  • Kiosk application software incorporated with core banking solution, UDAI Server for e-KYC or Aadhar authentication, NSDL server for Pan verification, ATM connect 24 Switch, BPM, CRM Modules and CTS Application server

We offered convenience to the banks’ customers to bypass teller lines and swiftly complete typical branch transactions such as account opening, passbook printing, and cheque deposit. With this approach, we effectively bridged the gap between online and branch banking services. The bank benefited from enhanced CX and reduced operational overheads.

Why Inspirisys is the best digital kiosk solutions provider?

Our highly specialized digital kiosk experts surround every aspect of the kiosk built-with on-demand features and functionalities. With our vast experience in providing kiosk solutions across various verticals, we deliver best-fit customized digital kiosks to our clients.

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