Top 10 Key Features Of Recent IT Workspace Management and Automation

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In recent years, the IT Sphere is facing challenges in establishing a standard and managed workspace for diversified users with next-generation features for device management. In the business environment, it is mandatory to create a desktop environment suitable to all resources with adequate supports for device management. Manual operations require replacement with the automated processes. IT Workspace Management along with automation processes overcome challenges in detection, self-healing, management, maintenance, and solutions associated with integration issues in real time. It is a great deal to manage devices in the work environment such as security, control of all devices under a single console, and resolving escalations for device issues.

Top 10 Next-Gen Features

Modern IT Workspace management and Automation consists of Top 10 Next-Gen Features listed as follows:

  • Predictive and proactive end-user device management support.
  • Automated self-healing mechanism for device management
  • Real-time problem detection, diagnosis, and resolution
  • Next-generation helpdesk with end-user device management
  • The multi-tenant architecture with scalability in the cloud for large device management ecosystems
  • Unified management console
  • Provision of business insights with analytic reports
  • Only a few human resources utilized for supporting end-user devices
  • Enhanced resource productivity
  • Limited time consumption to fix the issues

Workspace management software

Market Trends

  • As per Gartner, due to automation, buyers expect a reduction of cost of services and expect improvements in service quality.

  • During the period from 2018 to 2022, the global market of workspace management software is expected continual growth at a CAGR for around 15%.

  • Through 2021, the majority of service providers will use next-gen automation services, thus reducing the commodity service costs by 15% to 25% annually.

Our Alliance

Inspirisys established a strategic partnership with Nanoheal (Predictive Endpoint Management and Automation Solution) for enabling PoC, deployment, and management Capabilities.

Workspace management automation by Inspirisys Solutions Limited

Other Prominent Features

  • Predictive and Proactive: Move from a reactive to a predictive and proactive support approach

  • Safe and Secure: Minimize customer concerns and protect them from potential risks

  • Easy and Effortless: Simple and easy self-help tools for minimal human effort 

  • Personalized: Improve efficiency and adoption by providing a superior user experience

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