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Cyber threats and cyber-attacks are explosively growing beyond the limit, which results in enormous expenses for businesses. Organizations are investing for security protocols and ramping up their digital frontiers. However, organizations are still put off by costs and bewildered by available tools and services. IT environment is ever changing at a pace that leads to the requirement of robust security and compliance in the organizations.
The occurrence of a security breach or a cyber-threat not only results in the distrusting customers toward the business but also inflicts untold damage in reputation. The organization owns primary responsibility to protect data from intrusion activities and to align the security policies, strategies, and requirements as per standards. Cybersecurity is vital for the firm due to the increasing cost of breaches, growth of modernized hackers, availability of hacking tools, an enormous proliferation of IoT devices, and well-defined regulations. Netsurion, a leading cybersecurity firm released the findings of the SIEM Study in 2019 with 345 IT, Security Executives, and Practitioners as participants. The results of the survey stated that SIEM provides a range of security and compliance benefits with effective detection over advanced attacks.

Organizations establish security strategies that involve continual network monitoring for threat identification and mitigation before severe attacks and damage. SIEM tools allow collection, storage, investigation, and reporting on log data. SIEM consolidates all the event data generated by security devices, network infrastructure, applications, and systems. For SIEM, the primary source of data is the event log. SIEM remains an efficient technology, which enables security operations teams to collect, correlate, and analyze event logs from distinct sources to determine and report threats and malicious activities. Bitpipe revealed 86% of SIEM users are completely satisfied with the proactive SIEM platform. SIEM accurately detected threats and reduced security breaches for 7 out of 10 organizations. 

Components to transform your cyberspace with SIEM

Following are the vital components to transform your cyberspace with SIEM: 

•    Data Aggregation: Allows SIEM engine to manage logs and events from different sources

•    Correlation: Relates various events to derive significant insights and characteristics 

•    Notification: Involves automated analysis of aggregated data with the creation of alerts to notify about critical issues

•    Dashboards: Includes tools to process and prepare raw data for better understanding by visualizing with graphs, bars, and charts

•    Compliance: Leverages many tools to aggregate data correlated with compliance and report creations to comply company to regulations

•    Forensics: Accesses events and log data over different periods from different nodes and consolidate all by criteria 

•    Retention: Addresses the storage of log data and events in the long run and manages the historical data

These components in SIEM deliberately track security incidents and proactively alerts security teams about the threats and cyber attacks. Inspirisys Solutions offers sophisticated security solutions with next-gen SIEM to battle against cyber threats and attacks for your organizational protection. We deliver efficient enterprise security services with robust SIEM engine to identify, detect, and prevent cyber attacks.

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