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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a process, a relationship, and a constant cycle of call and response. It is a culture founded on communication and collaboration. DevOps was inspired by the idea of breaking down the silos between development and operations. Openness and communication aid adjustments to systems, leading to designs being executed correctly and flaws quickly revised.


Why DevOps?

Our DevOps Services

Inspirisys offers DevOps Services and Solutions as a culture of Continuous Development, Testing, and Delivery that maximizes business value and customer satisfaction.

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Dev Operation Model

Checkout how Inspirisys helped a Fortune 100 company who is the global leader in office automation equipment and software wanted a test automation partner to help test its smart app.

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ISL DevOps Tools and Platforms

DevOps practices are successful if you measure your systems and digital business's impact.
Here are a few essential DevOps tools and platforms that we use for successful DevOps.

Category Tools
Continuous Integration Bitbucket, Git, Github, Jenkins, SonarQube, Selenium
Code Management Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab, SVN (on-prem code repository), SonarQube, XCode, SonarLint/Snyk (Realtime Linting)
Build Ant, Gradle, Maven, Xcode, Visual Studio Ancillaries
Microservices Amazon ECS, AKS, Docker, Kubernetes, KNative
Continuous Testing Blazemeter, Jmeter, Selenium and Other Unit Test tools
Security Testing Butpsuite, Nmap, Wireshark
Configuration Management Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Terraform
Cloud Platforms AWS, Azure, GCP, Openstack
Monitoring Cloudwatch, ELK, Splunk
Collaboration JIRA, Confluence, Trello/Grafana
Performance Monitoring Jmeter, Scouter

DevSecOps can transform how organizations handle their development pipelines by shifting from DevOps to it. Collaboration between the development, security, and operations teams improves the likelihood of finding vulnerabilities and minimising security threats right from the start.

Besides increased agility and speed, DevSecOps offers several other advantages to enterprises, including enhanced communications and collaboration between security and development teams and identification of code vulnerabilities. Aside from providing opportunities for quality assurance testing and automated builds, it also enables organizations to react quickly to changes.

As a result of DevSecOps adoption, there are additional benefits

Leveraging Security Resources

Automating standard security processes and tasks that require less hands-on time, such as event monitoring, account management, and code security and vulnerability assessments, is a key aspect of DevOps. It allows security professionals to focus on threat remediation and the elimination of strategic risk.

Automatic Securing of Code

By automating tests, DevSecOps reduces the risk of introducing security flaws through human error and allows better coverage, consistency, and predictability. During the development process, any issues can also be tracked and fixed immediately.

Continuous Security Enablement

The automation tools enable organizations to establish a closed-loop process for testing and reporting, ensuring all security concerns are addressed immediately.

Why Inspirisys?

  • 25 Years of Expertise in
    DevOps Solutions
  • Flexible Business
    Engagement Model
  • Custom-Developed
    Monitoring Solution
  • Automated Infrastructure
  • Resiliency
  • Increased Agility
  • Enhanced Quality
  • Improved Innovation
  • Reduced Outages
  • Scalability

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