Enable Consumer Grade Experience with Inspirisys NexGen Delivery

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Digital transformation is vital in today’s digital world. The change in consumer behaviour has completely changed the way how services are delivered by the enterprises. This in-turn altered the functions across the enterprises. On the flip side, the evolution of technologies like Cloud, Automation, AI & Mobility has made a strong influence on business agility and speed of delivery. The rapid adoption of these technologies is mandatory to stay ahead of the curve. But, managing all the IT services under one roof has become tough with an outdated service delivery model. This blog walks through the solutions that address the issues in the enterprise service delivery model.

NexGen delivery model that enables consumer grade experience

One of the key challenges faced by today’s enterprises is enhancing the customer experience. Since it is the foundation of all other enterprise functions, it is crucial to constantly improve the service delivery model to meet the expectations of customers. So, the need for the NexGen delivery model is pivotal to enable consumer grade experience. The eight key attributes of NexGen delivery model to ensure consumer grade experience are productized, personalized & user-centric, direct-to-user, on-demand self-service, omni-channel, outcome-focused, zero-touch and zero-wait.

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Inspirisys NexGen Service Delivery Platform

Inspirisys has launched a NexGen Service Delivery platform to enable uptime for essential Services and to help people stay E-connected in this unprecedented pandemic situation. The platform has the below salient features:

  • 30-40 % of ticket resolution around IT & DevOps services by self-service with zero-touch delivery
  • Platform readiness by plug-and-play in couple of days
  • 50+ pre-built service catalogues
  • 20% run cost reduction in two months 
  • Elevating service delivery maturity through digital services model
  • Ensure business continuity of current operations
  • Consumer grade user experience – any service, anywhere, anytime, delivery instantly

All of the above with zero implementation & usage charges till 30th June 2020.

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Ready-to-deploy use-cases for self-service & zero-touch

Our NexGen delivery digitizes user experience and enables subscription-based service delivery within an enterprise. Some of its top features are self-service, app-store, plug-n-play and zero-touch. With this, approximately 40 to 50% of tickets in an enterprise can be moved to self-service and zero-touch delivery in less than 4 weeks. Some of the ready to deploy use-cases for self-service and zero-touch are:

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