Robotic Process Automation

Organizations today are striving for operational efficiency while constantly trying to innovate their internal processes and reduce operational costs. Robotic Process Automation is the most sought-after technology that supports scaling and accelerating business processes. It empowers your business by automating routine mundane tasks with the help of intelligent software bots. Organizations will reduce operational costs by 30% by integrating hyper-automation technologies with redesigned operational processes by 2024. - Gartner

Our RPA Offerings

RPA Consulting

We assist your team to identify process re-engineering and automation possibilities across the system. After the complete analysis of the internal processes, we deliver the Proof-of-Concept with right-fit RPA implementation strategies and tools for effective automation rollouts.

Automation Design / Development and Support

We help you map the manual processes to be automated. With the process mapping details, we design the automation architecture and develop bots using AI, ML, and Knowledge-Based Systems. We also provide support for effective bot management.

Bespoke Bot Building and Testing

We cater to AI-powered Chatbots that engage with your customers in real-time. These Chatbots are designed to function 24/7 and significantly reduce customer waiting time.

Why Inspirisys for RPA?

We help your organization to increase performance and productivity by incorporating Robotic Process Automation on repetitive tasks. Our automation engineers work with your team to map the manual processes that are to be automated and then develop a custom-designed framework. We integrate RPA with state-of-the-art technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Knowledge-Based Systems to drive intelligent automation that ensures business transformation.

RPA Technologies We Use