Four Pivotal Features of Customized Kiosks for Unbeatable Customer Experience

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Demands for executing self-service concepts in Kiosks with custom design and engineering experience are considerably increasing in this digital age. Organizations look for customized kiosks to deliver a self-service solution for personalizing customer preferences and deliberately upselling their services.  

Kiosks combine eye-catching enclosure with great aesthetic designs, information such as directions or user instructions, specifications, promotional messages, and alerts for effectual CX. Touch Screen Kiosks comprise of sophisticated user-interface, easy navigation, uncluttered screens, and multiple selection options with Omnichannel user experience.

Following are the four significant features of kiosks that magnify CX:

    Smart services 

The inappropriate ratio of employees to customers compels customers to wait for service. Waiting in queues for long hours may restrain customers from attaining complete customer experience. Self-service kiosks will lead customers to have control over the entire process throughout availing the service without involving any dependency over the manual workforce, thus resulting in faster service delivery and higher satisfaction rates. A leading self-service kiosk manufacturer in the UK conducted a survey of 4,000 customers. The survey results revealed that 57% of customers chose kiosks for 'speeding things up,' while 37% opted them for 'reducing queues.'

As per the recent Statistical report from Reserve Bank of India for March 2019, the number of ATMs deployed by the banks in India includes 202,196 and around 892.2 million number of financial transactions performed in these ATMs.

Customers prefer to use kiosks at any instant for availing required services without queuing and waiting. By adopting these kiosks, service providers can extend their services to major customers even on holidays and weekends beyond official hours, thus leading to a winning strategy.

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    Customer Empowerment

Interactive kiosks comprise an intuitive user interface, control features, high accuracy in outcomes, capabilities in data collection, and analytics for empowering customers to deliver exceptional CX. As per the Harvard Business Review, four researchers from the world’s best universities did a study on consumer behavior by changing face-to-face service of a liquor store to self-service with kiosks. The outcome reflects an increase in market share of difficult-to-pronounce items by around 8.4 %. Consumers might fear being appearing unsophisticated in face-to-face service. These kiosks influence consumer behavior and improve buyer experience by removing social friction. You can find out how giants like Amazon and Ola use custom kiosks in this connected world. Kiosks gain benefits to both customers and service providers. The customers access multiple services while service providers upsell value-added services through a user interface. 

    Exceptional Quality

Self-service options in kiosks help to deliver outstanding quality services for customers with no errors. Even top-skilled employees will commit mistakes during interaction with customers. By using the digital kiosk, you can bring down the frequency of error significantly with continual enhancement in the accuracy of services. Kiosks enable customers to customize their orders themselves, declining mistakes and omissions wherever required.

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Self-service features in kiosks offer CX with a “custom-fit” approach. This approach facilitates customers to take personalized decisions on their own. Self-service kiosk designers ensure to provide custom-fit to personalize the end user. For example, kiosks in banks enable transactions with numerous options for customers such as language preference, account selections, and several user actions to opt as per their choices. Identically, ticket vending machine dispense tickets based on customer preferences. This kind of personalization ease customers, thus amplifying CX too.

Inspirisys Solutions enriches the CX with digital kiosk solutions that involve customized designing and integration of Kiosks across several verticals. We can consult and build kiosk elements into a design that satisfies your aesthetic and functional needs with recommendation on components and features that help you meet the intended custom kiosk price range for hardware and support services. 


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