Digital Kiosk is a modern digital information system that has everything from bank account information to airline tickets immediately at the fingertips. Our Digital Kiosk Solutions cater to the increasing demand for providing better customer experience to the transportation, banking and utility service providers. We provide better reach, extended collection & deposit hours to the users keeping the cost of operation to the minimum.

Inspirisys provides a wide range of Multi-function Kiosks (MFK), Ticketing Kiosks and Queue Management Systems. The MFK range offers Cash and Cheque Deposit Machines, Cheque Image-based Kiosks, Bill Payment Kiosks, Banking Kiosks with a single note & Bulk Cash payments, Passbook Printing, Account Statement Printing, and Biometric Capture. Our application software and solutions can integrate with the banks’ Core Banking System (CBS) or Utility Service Provider backend application infrastructure depending on the customer requirement.

Queue Management Systems

Queue Management Systems manage queues in real-time and differentiates VIP customers for preferential treatment. Our QMS systems achieve load balancing at teller counters. In addition to these basic functionalities, it generates statistical data on customer waiting time, transaction time, and generates employee efficiency statistics.

Account Opening Kiosks

AOK is a multifunction self-service kiosk designed and developed to open a bank account by the customer himself instantaneously. We completely automate the account opening process by AOK at bank branches with the capture & storage of personal information, signature, photograph, scanned images of mandatory documents, etc.

Information Kiosks

Our touchscreen-based information kiosks can be used by any organization, for the dissemination of general information to its customers. As it is an Interactive touchscreen-based system, the customers can use it themselves.

Ticket Vending Kiosks

ISL ticket vending kiosks are totally unmanned and designed for 24x7 operations. With the functionality of generating more than 1500 tickets per day, it comes in a rugged and vandal-proof design.

Multi-Function Kiosks

Internet Banking: Our Multi-function Kiosks are configurable for the customers to access their account details through the internet banking facility.

Non - Cash ATM Operations

We deliver Kiosks with non-Cash ATM operations including a balance enquiry, chequebook request, payment of taxes, fund transfer, etc. This can be achieved by connecting kiosk to the ATM switch.

E-Ticketing Operations

Our Multi-function Kiosks are configurable for the customers to access the customized website of IRCTC for Railway Ticket Booking through credit / debit card / direct debit (internet Banking).

Digital Kiosk Solutions