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Change is the only constant. Whether it’s nature, technology or the economy, everything undergoes rapid change that brings many challenges on the table. The work environment embraced by various organizations few months back, is completely different from the environment where they are working right now. This workplace transformation happened swiftly in such a way that it left many of them to compromise their policies. It entirely altered the critical functions such as finance, human resources, IT, marketing and more. The way how organizations approach the remote working model, depends on their readiness. Some are already prepared for this transition while some are struggling to address the challenges. Here is how Inspirisys helps businesses with right solutions to tide over the current pandemic.

Secured Digital Workplace

secured digital workplace, inspirisys digital workplace, remote working solutionsRemote working is and will continue to be the new normal. In a survey, almost 80% of respondents either rarely worked from home or not at all prior to the pandemic. More than 50% are now working so with no new security policies. Compromising the policies for the rapid shift is like welcoming cyber-attacks. Hence, scaling the security strategy to adapt a massive surge in remote workers is no longer optional.

Inspirisys provides uncompromised security by protecting the endpoints in a rapidly deployed remote access infrastructure. As panic mode drives employees to seek information on COVID-19, using the crisis as an opportunity, cyber-criminals are stipulating COVID-19 related phishing attacks. Our risk-based-approach enables businesses to defend endpoints from phishing by blocking access to malicious websites. We prevent misconfiguration and usage of vulnerable applications on the endpoints.

According to Unisys Security Index, Identity theft tops the security concerns. 8 in 10 Indians concern about identity theft, computer hacking and viruses, bank card frauds and online transactions. As the world remain on high alert, we help businesses to achieve strong security posture with Identity and Access Management. We ensure right access to the infrastructure, secured single sign-on from any device and enhance security with multi-factor authentication.

Data is the lucrative target for cyber-criminals, even during the business-as-usual conditions. Under the current pandemic situation, the risk to lose data to threats is even greater. Businesses need to have sophisticated tools to defend the increased sophisticated cyber-attacks. This is where the role of Security Operations Center comes in. We assess the threats in real-time to provide proactive, advanced threat detection as well as immediate incident response.

Connected Digital Workplace

connected digital workplace, inspirisys digital solutions, remote work automationThe pandemic is completely redefining the way teams communicate with each other. Integration is the key and the team members working remotely should have the right collaboration tools. Businesses should setup virtual check-ins to help employees maintain their productivity and not feel disconnected. Inspirisys offers virtual collaboration tools to have uninterrupted and smooth communication.

Cloud enables employees to work from anywhere at any time while staying productive. As it provides enhanced accessibility to mission-critical data, businesses can keep track of the progress on projects in real-time. Inspirisys cloud solutions and services with Cyber-Security capabilities ensure secured connectivity and empower employees to have flexible remote working experience.

Remote Work Automation

remote work automation, inspirisys RPA solutions, RPA, cloud solutions, COVID 19Legacy processes can no longer serve the needs of transformed workforce. To make the most of this new normal, forward-thinking enterprises have their pulse on embracing innovative technologies like Robotic Process Automation. It can be used to setup an effective remote working environment. For a trouble-free registration of new hardware, setting up VPN access, and linking employee ID to the new equipment’s registration number, RPA automates the entire work-from-office to work-from-home shift.

Bots make it possible for remote working teams to easily track their progress across different projects, manage team calendar, search and attach relevant files to share with colleagues. It accelerates the productivity by automating the mundane repetitive tasks.

Inspirisys helps enterprises to reduce time spent on manual processes, reduce human errors by eliminating data entry mistakes, reduce cost by saving time and increase productivity by deploying Robotic Process Automation to enable remote workers to focus on more important tasks.

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