Advanced Directory Services with Identity Management

The Challenge

Our client is an insurance and investment corporation owned by the Government of India. They were looking for an IT Infrastructure expert to implement a cost-effective end-to-end solution that enables them to gain centralized control and reduce administration overheads for over the 65,000 Linux and 35,000 windows endpoints. The organization outlined strategies to embrace smooth operations in a multi-platform environment.




IT Operations


Data Security


Administration Overheads for Endpoint Management

Our Approach

We approached the client’s business challenges with an advanced directory services solution using RedHat Identity Management providing Centralised Directory Services for 65000 Linux Endpoints distributed across 3000+ office locations with RHEL IPA (Identity, Policy, Audit) in High Availability Cluster in DC and a failover instance in DR. We retained the existing Active Directory infrastructure for 35000 Windows endpoints and synchronized the key Group policies between AD and IPA directory services. Central management of authentication and identities for Linux clients were provided by IPA and acted as a Gateway between the Linux infrastructure and Windows-based Active Directory Infrastructure. A custom automation solution was developed to add the distributed Linux endpoints to the LDAP in IPA Servers without onsite efforts, remotely.

Identity management


Without replacing the existing AD infrastructure and with the existing RedHat Enterprise Linux license which customer had, we provided a cost-effective solution for Directory services for a hybrid Windows and Linux environment, separating the administration duties of AD & IPS and enabling independent growth of the Linux environment. The client benefited from the end-to-end authenticated access for complete 1,00,000 endpoints with Deep control, Data protection, Policy replication. We offered a complete solution for both deployment and management. We ensured smooth 24x7 operations in the multiplatform (Windows and RedHat) environment.


Authenticated Access


Data Protection


Management Overheads

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