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The Challenge

Our client, a state-owned enterprise, was under the radar of myriad cyber-attacks. Their complex network was not well equipped to mitigate incoming threats. They were looking for an efficient enterprise security solution to ensure cyber resilience.


Enterprise Security


Network Architecture

Lack of

Cyber Resilience


Service Availability

Our Approach

With our expertise in the enterprise security landscape and an OEM-agnostic method, we approached our client’s challenges with the deployment of Check Point DDoS Protector 3006 security appliance which helped their operations to keep running coupled with multi-layered protection. The appliance’s 12 Gbps performance automatically defends against network flood and application-layer attacks for fast response time against denial of service attacks. With DP 3006, we offered 24/7 support and resources to ensure up-to-the-minute protections. Additionally, we configured signatures to detect DDoS attacks based on changing network traffic.

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We provided value by offering predictable, steady, effective and reliable form of DDoS protection and mitigation service. They noticed a positive reduction in operational and CapEx cost with a significant increase in service availability.


Network Architecture


Service Availability


CapEx Cost

Why Inspirisys is the best DDoS mitigation service provider?

Our DDoS protection and mitigation service detects and blocks DDoS attacks swiftly. We fortify the network from malicious traffics. Our deep expertise in the enterprise security landscape enables us to provide the best DDoS protection and mitigation service.

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