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ESAB is an American Swedish industrial company and a world leader in the production of welding and cutting equipment and consumables. The brand is synonymous with world-leading expertise in key areas like manual welding and cutting equipment, welding consumables, welding automation, and mechanized cutting systems.


Enterprise Security


To Cyber Attacks


of Critical Data security


Monitoring and Skilled Resources

Our Solutions & Approach

We consolidated all of the customer's logs with a SIEM application to provide real-time visibility into their system. We protected the company against malware and other threats with an EDR application that went beyond conventional endpoint protection products. We also helped bolster the existing security resources and made the IT/security operations teams address their monitoring support level lags with experienced agents.

Inspirisys enterprise backup serrvices


  • Over 9000 employees in 80 countries are now secure.
  • Next-generation security posturing featuring Azure Sentinel, MS Defender ATP, Crowdstrike EDR and Cloud Application Security.
  • Increased operational efficiency and immediate time-to-value
  • Real-time data visibility through security dashboards.


from cyber threats


end-point security


proactive monitoring

Inspirisys enterprise backup serrvices

Why Inspirisys is the BEST Security Operations Center service provider?

Several powerful cyber-attacks are more active than ever and this is something every company should be aware of for safe business. We, as a leading cyber security integrator with trusted partners and customers, help organizations stay safe from cyber criminals and keep businesses away from security threats and risks.

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