Cost-Effective and Reliable IoT System

About the Client & their Business Need

Our customer is an Indian Electric Utility company. The core business of the company is to generate, transmit and distribute electricity. They were evaluating suitable IoT solutions to monitor the health of the power transformers in their substations.




IoT system for data acquisition of oil moisture

Supervisory control

& data acquisition


solution for scalability and ease of access

Our Solutions & Approach

We approached the client’s business challenges by equipping each power transformer with an IoT sensor to log oil moisture and ambient temperature. We created a dedicated gateway to consolidate SCADA data such as current and power parameters. The wireless cellular network was used to accommodate a widespread sensor network. We ensured complete hardware sizing, integration, IoT system design, development, implementation, and management. A Cloud deployed backend system was deployed for data storage and health index computation. We also created a Cloud-hosted Visualization dashboard to monitor collected data and the health index. An Alerting system based on the set threshold value and missing data was set up.

Inspirisys enterprise backup serrvices


  • Increased energy efficiency and cost savings
  • Single web dashboard for faster decision making
  • Centralized monitoring of the health status of all transformers
  • Proactive alert on transformer failure
  • ML-based alerts to prevent unexpected power outages

Increased energy

efficiency and cost savings

Faster decision

making through a single web dashboard

Seamless monitoring

of the health status of all transformers

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