Cost-Effective Finacle Version Upgrade

About the Client & their Business Need

Our client is a leading private commercial bank focused on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Bangladesh. The bank accumulates funds from urban deposits and disburses them to rural banks with the objective of uplifting SMEs.

In 2013, they decided to undertake a version migration from Finacle Core 7.0.25 to Finacle Core 7.0.13.



Outdated Finacle

Core Version technology

Inability to scale

with bank’s rapid growth

Need for greater

stability and performance

Our Solutions & Approach

We approached the client’s business challenges by embarking on a version migration program of their current Finacle Core application. This activity included studying the deployment of the Finacle Core application version 7.0.13 in the current state and designing a process to upgrade the application version to Finacle Core 7.0.25.

Our Solutions, Components & Approach


  • 37% Average Reduction in Effort to Roll Out Products

  • 9% Improvement in Cross-Selling

  • 21% Average Improvement in Time to Serve Customers

  • Improved availability with 99% uptime

37% Average Reduction

in Effort

21% Improvement

in Time to Serve

99% Uptime

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