Disaster Recovery Solution Powered with High Availability

The Challenge

Our client is the second-largest private wired broadband player in India. They were evaluating the top IT infrastructure service providers to improve the resilience and reliability of IT assets with Disaster Recovery. Integration of DR strategy with zero-downtime was the prime requirement.




Downtime Requirement


Data Resilience


For a reliable system integrator

Our Approach

With our deep expertise in IT infrastructure landscape, we approached the client’s business challenges by designing an effective DR solution. We proposed the integration of contemporary server and storage hardware such as T8-1 Oracle Server with 3 years of professional support and Hitachi G350 with a large storage capacity. To ensure protection from downtime, we configured the DR with High Availability. We also migrated the data from the existing DC to DR. We offered SLA-based support for the servers, storage and the existing DC infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Solution


We helped the client to deploy an effective DR system in place with zero downtime. With a strong and long-term relationship with industry-leading OEMs, we offered single-window support ownership for our client by front-ending this multi-vendor solution integration. Along with the state-of-the-art server and storage implementation, the client benefited from our SLA-based maintenance for a period of 5 years.

Disaster Recovery System

With Zero Downtime

Single-Window Support

For the Entire Deployment


DC & DR Maintenance

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