IT Transformation Solution

The Challenge

Our client is one of the oldest private sector banks in India with 430 branches in 17 states, 242 ATMs of which 189 are On-Site ATMs, 53 are Off-Site ATMs spread across the country. The bank envisaged to modernize their data center by consolidating all their applications including core banking into a common infrastructure. They needed an effective IT transformation solution comprised of migrating multiple different workloads ranging from Custom Built Application, Oracle Database, SQL Database, Web Workloads etc.




in Legacy & Siloed Infrastructure


Scalability to adapt larger workloads


Backup approach

Our Approach

We approached our client’s business challenges by deploying virtualization solution with SPARC Workloads using Oracle VM for SPARC and VMware vSphere for x86 Workloads. We implemented storage augmentation (Hitachi VSP G400) in DC and a new Unified Storage (Hitachi VSP G400) for DR Setup. To enable an effective backup modernization in-place, we offered Veritas 5240 Backup Appliance Solution and Tape Library with LTO8. For Oracle DB workloads and VMware replication for x86 workloads, we engaged Oracle Data Guard into the system. With Oracle Solaris Cluster (Non-critical workloads) and Oracle RAC (Core Banking), we designed and implemented a high availability solution.

IT transformation solutions and services


The client benefited from our centralised, virtualized, and highly scalable IT infrastructure solution. With minimal downtime, we migrated the data from legacy systems to modern infrastructure. We provided complete control over the backup and restoration process with ease of management.


Downtime reducing business impact


Total cost of ownership


Highly Scalable Management

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