Platform as a Service

Cloud platforms offer varied services which can largely help the customers to bring out new capabilities and services to the business with a significant reduction in time to market for these services.

Why is it important?

Platform as a Service accelerates agility thus meeting the needs of ever-changing market dynamics. Incorporating PaaS in business models also translates to optimizing development resources and less manpower which reduces costs. Besides, PaaS provides automation that ensures consistent delivery with an effective production environment. PaaS extends beyond productive capabilities. Its security features with robust capabilities like data replication and backup eliminate the need for in-house expertise. Apart from benefiting businesses, its cloud computing features also facilitate integration with services that are meant for end-users. 

PaaS promotes rapid developmental features serving the various crucial requirements for both mobile and web applications integrated with the facilities of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Inspirisys offers 3 distinct platform-specific services on the cloud.

  • Messaging Services across Office 365, Zimbra, and Google email

  • Portal & Content Management Services across platforms such as MS SharePoint, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

  • Data Management Services across Oracle Cloud, AWS, and Azure platforms

Inspirisys will analyze specific business requirements and use cases from the customer. We will also design a tailor-made optimal solution, meeting the objectives of the customer.

Platform as a Service