Test and Test Automation

The demand for high-quality software products has increased the need for proactive quality assurance. To stand out in the competitive market, companies have started looking for solutions that help them deploy bug-free software in a short period.

Investing in Software Test Automation improves efficiency tremendously and reduces costs. With vast expertise in the latest testing frameworks, ISL’s advanced test automation framework helps reduce duplication, boost data accuracy by up to 99%, and enhance the speed of testing cycles. ISL offers improved application quality and reduced risk through Functional Testing, higher consistency through Automation Testing, and uncovers errors associated with interfacing through Integration Testing.

Testing Services

Functional Testing

Inspirisys test automation solutions produce a defect-free application, ensure end-user satisfaction by testing the system against the functional requirements or specifications and improve the quality of the application by reducing the risk and loss associated with functional defects.

Automation Testing

Ensure consistency and better speed in executing tests by automating repetitive testing tasks using reusable test scripts. Automation testing reduces human intervention during execution and promises to achieve more cycles of execution.

Performance Testing

Determine the speed, responsiveness, and stability of the system by ensuring that the application runs as expected even under less-than-ideal conditions. Performance testing helps to test the quality of the code and functionality.

Integration Testing

Uncover the errors associated with interfacing by combining discrete units of the system and testing as a group. Integration testing helps verify whether the software modules work in unity.

Desktop and Web Automation

Leverage an automated software testing framework to validate the functionality of your web applications. Our test automation team will help you save at least 30% of testing costs by relieving you from repetitive human tasks.

Cloud Test Automation

Our automated cloud testing services cater to organizations at different stages of test automation maturity. Improve test coverage and facilitate rapid release cycles at a minimal cost. Our tailor-made end-to-end cloud test automation approach enables customers to reap maximum benefits.

Telecom and Network Test Automation

In order to ensure the system meets the requirements in terms of voice, data, and video communication, the telecom industry needs a methodology in which the software manages and tests network devices and applications including call center applications, IVR applications, VoIP applications, etc. Inspirisys can enable 100% faster run times than in manual-operated networks and minimize errors.

Simulation Test Automation

Organizations can mimic production infrastructure and replicate user behavior by leveraging our simulation test automation services. With simulation testing, users can decipher the most complex environment without even knowing the impact on the system's performance.

Mobility Test Automation

As a part of our digital testing strategy, our proactive testing solutions are designed to address the challenges of mobile testing. With exclusive testing approaches implemented to improve usability, we are committed to ensuring product efficacy and future-ready applications.

API Testing Automation

Assess the quality of APIs and ensure they meet your functionality, performance, and security requirements.

Why Inspirisys for Testing Services?

ISL boasts a group of passionate test engineers who thrive on improving efficiency in the testing process. We strongly encourage them to unleash their skills through constant nurturing. Our gamut of testing experts is exposed to world-class technologies and tools in the industry. By leveraging our core expertise, our best practices in test automation help add value to our services and cater to the rising demands of our customers.

Some of the Technologies We Use