Vulnerability Assessment and
Penetration Testing (VAPT) Identify Security Gaps in your Digital Assets


What is VAPT?

VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. It is a security testing to identify security vulnerabilities in an application, network, endpoint, and cloud. Both the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing have unique strengths and are often collectively done to achieve complete analysis. Vulnerability Assessment scans the digital assets and notifies organizations about pre-existing flaws. Penetration test exploits the vulnerabilities in the system & determines the security gaps.

Why would your organization need VAPT?

Vulnerabilities exist in all levels of a computing system (on-premise and cloud) regardless of the organization’s size. There’s a big misconception that small and medium-sized businesses are spared by cyber attackers. But this is far from reality. As the security of small businesses is usually relaxed, attackers incline towards them. Many times, organizations say they don’t require vulnerability risk assessments because they’re such a small organization. But this false belief could prove very costly for a business, big or small – SME or MNC. The security loopholes in your IT infrastructure are:

vulnerability assessment
  • Poor Hardware & Software Design
  • Complex Software & Hardware
  • Poor Authentication System
  • Misconfigured System
  • Unsecured Network
  • Vulnerable Endpoints
vulnerability assessment

Strengthen your defences with Inspirisys VAPT

  • Identify The Security Loopholes
  • Improve Cyber Resilience
  • Avoid Data Breaches
  • Inspect Network Defence System
  • Protect Organizational Data
  • Comply with Security Standards

How It Works


VAPT as a Service

VAPT as a service
Application VAPT

Application VAPT Application VAPT

As organizations are moving their critical data and functions to web & mobility platforms like iOS and Android mobile applications, the organizational data is exposed to cyber actors. With applications VAPT, we support your enterprise to identify vulnerabilities.

Network VAPT

Network VAPT Network VAPT

Network VAPT is to identify potential vulnerabilities in the network that cyber actors may exploit. Inspirisys delivers a prioritized list of vulnerabilities identified in your network that can help you to line-up the mitigation strategies to stay ahead of cyber-attacks.

Endpoint VAPT

Endpoint VAPT Endpoint VAPT

Future proof your endpoints with a complete vulnerability analysis that identifies security gaps. We evaluate security risks in the endpoints which include desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers & workstations to prioritize vulnerabilities and support your future security strategies.



The rapid adoption of Internet of Things technology opens the opportunity for cyber threats to exploit the connected systems. IoT devices are not limited to devices. It comprises IoT field gateways, databases, applications, servers etc. With deep domain expertise, we assess vulnerabilities across the IoT ecosystem.

Checkout how Inspirisys helped one of the leading Non Banking Financial Companies in South India to identify risks and vulnerabilities with VAPT services.

Why Choose Inspirisys?

  • 25 Years of expertise in the security landscape
  • Excellent track record of providing defensive cybersecurity solutions
  • Complete Security Assessment – Applications, Network, Cloud, Endpoints
  • Pen Testers with Specialised Expertise in Cyber Security Landscape
  • Automated Testing to ensure maximum quantities of vulnerabilities are discovered
  • Effective Gap Analysis by Security Experts
  • In-depth approach to provide a holistic report
  • Reports with Risk Rating Scale
  • Post-test consultation for risk mitigation action plans
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