5 real-world situations that are demanding better digital experiences for your workforce

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There has been an increased need to improve the digital resilience of the workforce during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This need has drastically accelerated trends in digital workplace technology.

The pandemic saw employees having to transition rapidly to a work-from-home environment. Many businesses had to consider adopting technology solutions to support this transition and ensure long-term resilience.

Gartner's 2020 Digital Workplace Survey found that since the pandemic, many C-level executives had begun showing greater interest in improving the digital experience. The need to replace more in-person activities with virtual ones, necessitated by the pandemic has been one of the primary reasons for their increased interest in new and emerging digital experience management platforms.

This blog looks at five real-world situations that can demand better digital experiences for your workforce.

Equipping workplace technology for the new normal

When your workplace technology isn't functioning optimally, especially with more organizations shifting to the remote work environment, it could end up causing the users a great deal of frustration and also hamper their business.

Building a unified engagement platform, which allows workers to interact seamlessly with the organization will help increase both their engagement and productivity. The current work environment has stressed on the need for greater personal productivity, collaboration, and communication. Cloud-based office technologies, which have been on the upsurge since the pandemic, have made things a lot easier. Using cloud technology has helped many organizations cut down on their infrastructure costs, while also providing increased functionality to their employees.

Need for tracking activities through a single point of access

Not too long ago, the concept of helping employees go through an organization’s various systems could only be achieved through an intranet portal. The key functions which supported employees, including IT, HR, finance and security, didn't have a unified set of digital tools and processes. Employees had to reach out to different points of contact for different tasks. Being able to track and take care of various activities through the same point of access would have made things a lot easier for them.

This now becomes possible by having a unified employee experience platform. A unified engagement platform has various systems working in harmony to provide seamless digital employee experience management. Top companies have started deploying this platform to make sure that employees and managers have a smooth and seamless digital experience. These platforms also incorporate a collection of automation and collaboration tools to enhance your productivity. This includes chatbots, robotic process automation (RPA), and enterprise social platforms.

Automation makes sure that cases are automatically routed to the relevant department, person or team, and workflow tools will help manage these cases and ensure that they are resolved on time. Interactive dashboards and customized reports will let you track all the important KPI's within your business and analyze them at one glance.

The right tools to manage the virtual ecosystem

The pandemic has inverted the normal business scenario. While virtual meetings were more of an exception and face-to-face meetings were the norm earlier, it has now become the exact opposite. With internal meetings, client meets, business events and several other activities having gone virtual, the virtual ecosystem has evolved to allow a new generation of meeting solutions and technologies, which can replicate the environment of an in-person meeting as closely as possible.

Your organization will need to have the right infrastructure to support this ecosystem and transform employee experience management.

Future-ready workspaces

Future-ready workspaces

To be future-ready and well equipped for the pandemic, your workspace should increase the digitalization of physical infrastructure to improve efficiency and work smarter. Inclusion of technologies such as IoT, digital signatures, integrated workplace management systems, virtual workspaces, motion sensors and facial recognition will go a long way towards modernizing the workspace. Once the workforce returns to work post pandemic, they will be fully capable and willing to adopt the smart workspace model.

Virtualized desktop experience

Virtualized desktop experience

The future of the workplace during and after the pandemic will rely completely on digital remote technologies such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). VDI will let users can get an on-demand, virtualized desktop experience from a remotely hosted location. While organizations have long thought about adopting VDI solutions, the expenditure involved, and the complexity of the technology have prevented them from doing so. However, the pandemic has not just accelerated the adoption of VDI, it is also likely to have accelerated its use as a regular delivery architecture when employees return to the workplace.

The Best Digital Experience Management Solutions

Digitalization through a digital experience management platform has been steadily changing the way businesses operate and flourish. There is absolutely no doubt that companies must modernize their infrastructure to stay ahead of the game. At Inspirisys, we are completely geared to future-proof your core applications and infrastructure with modern, advanced IT solutions for the post-pandemic world.

Inspirisys' end-to-end Infrastructure services will offer you the much-needed experience, talent, and tools to create, run, and manage your next-generation IT architecture. Whether it is transformative cloud solutions, RPA solutions, dashboards, reports or VDI, we offer the entire gamut of employee experience management software solutions to boost your business during the pandemic and after.

Get in touch with us and explore our digital transformation solutions.

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