Discover the Power of Data To make Better and Faster Decisions

Data is the new oil. To gain momentum and competitive edge, businesses need the right data at the right time. Today, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics are the two key factors to discover effective business growth opportunities. It’s becoming an inevitable part of organizations who want to make smart business decisions. Today companies rely on data-driven decision making which improves their productivity by 5% and profitability by 6%, compared to their competitors in the industry.

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Information Management

Data Modelling and Profiling - Improve data quality and shorten the implementation cycle of major projects with data management and integration tools. Data modelling and profiling help to improve users’ understanding of data and discover business knowledge embedded in data.

Master & Meta Data Management - Eliminate poor quality data and improve decision-making capability by holding high-quality data across the organization. Master and Metadata management eases to leverage and govern the extensive data assets. It translates into reduced-cost and increased business efficiency.

Data Cleansing - Maintain data quality and accuracy that improve the overall decision-making process. Clean data supports better analytics and streamlines business practices. It also helps enterprises to identify opportunities to launch new products and services in the market.

Data Security - Protect data from intentional and accidental destruction that can derail the business operations. Ensure data security to build confidence among all stakeholders especially customers who know that their data is both safe and secure. 

Data Integration - Combine multi-source data into a single unified view to aid better collaboration and exploit the value of insights. Data integration supports to utilize the available information in a better way and straightforwardly improves the processes.

Data science capabilities - Drive business innovation and turn cutting-edge technology into actionable insights with data science capabilities. It unleashes the infinite possibilities to constantly improve the value that is derived from the organization’s data.

Information Visualization

Power BI - Leverage the benefits of a data-driven, personalized and cross-platform business intelligence dashboard that comforts your decision-making process. PowerBI integrates effortlessly with the existing business environment that further allows you to adopt analytics and reporting capabilities.

Why Inspirisys for BI & Data Analytics

At Inspirisys, we help organizations to enhance business efficiency and agility by providing services that revolve around data management, data quality and data visualization. Our BI solutions enable businesses to make smart decisions in any place at any time. We use visualization tools to understand trends, outliers, patterns from datasets. Our data visualization services include building customized reports and interactive dashboards based on the KPI’s that you want to track within your business.