Hybrid Data Center Managed Services

About the Client & their Business Need

Our client is one of the largest child-focused humanitarian organizations in the country. They work in over 143 districts impacting around 26 lakh children and their families spread across 24 states and two union territories. They were looking for a Hybrid Managed Service model to take care of their mundane and repetitive tasks.




of repetitive tasks

Reduction of Effort

for DC Administration


Reporting Accuracy

Our Solutions & Approach

We identified opportunities based on the assessment performed and drove automation implementation after having deployed seven use cases successfully. We provided Ready-To-Go automation scripts using PowerShell, SolarWinds and Python to accelerate automation.

The combination of best-in-class automation libraries and cutting edge techniques along with the use of these scripts helped accelerate delivery, making mundane, laborious tasks more efficient and less time consuming.

Inspirisys enterprise backup serrvices


  • 520 Hours of Annual Effort Reduction for DC Administration
  • 25% Increased Productivity in Data Management Reporting
  • Improved Reporting Accuracy
  • Process & Governance Enhancement
  • Proactive Capacity Reporting

520 Hours

of Annual Effort Reduction


Increased Productivity


Reporting Accuracy

Inspirisys enterprise backup serrvices

Why InspiriSYS is the Best-In-Class Hybrid Data Center Managed Service Provider

While there is a need to provide 24x7 service availability, it is challenging for enterprises to manage disparate technologies, complex applications and a fast evolving ecosystem. High availability of the IT infrastructure and applications is critical for seamless and real-time information sharing across departments to deliver efficient services.

Our Data Centre Services ensure high availability and reliability, apart from quick and error-free resolution to ensure a flawless performance while keeping costs in control. Our services provide comprehensive support to enterprises that span the entire gamut of tasks required to set up and run a Data Center.

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