Internet of Things – Unlock the Connectedness

Integrated IOT Solution for Enterprises

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Understanding IoT

The Internet of Things is the number of physical devices that are connected to the internet. They are implanted with sensors, software, and other objects that serve the purpose of extracting and exchanging data with other devices over the internet. The need for IoT is more significant concurrently since it has created a seamless opportunity for people to connect with other people, processes, and objects, be it simple household tools or even sophisticated ones. 

The Client and their Business Needs

The customer was an emergency services company that operated emergency vehicles and teams that respond in the event of an emergency. They wanted to track the emergency equipment that was deployed in a vehicle to ensure that the proper equipment was taken when responding to an event and also to ensure that no equipment was lost.

Inspirisys Solution

Leveraging our IoT experience, Inspirisys helped the customer devise a solution that brought together handhelds, cloud, and in-vehicle systems to track equipment.

(Bluetooth Low Energy) BTLE slave tags were deployed on the equipment and a base station installed  in each vehicle to track the tags.

The base station would then communicate with the cloud-based central system that would provide centralized management.

Business Results

The solution helped the customer save revenue in terms of lost productivity due to improper equipment deployed in emergency situations and losses because of equipment going missing.