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Integrated IOT Solution for Enterprises

fleet management solutions, inspirisys fleet management, inspirisys iot servicesClient and their Business Need

The customer operates a fleet of vehicles (in association with service providers), offering roadside assistance to customers via a toll-free number across the US. The customer wanted a way by which routes for nearest service providers could be mapped for speedy assistance.

Inspirisys Solution

  • A mobile app was built & deployed on the drivers’ mobile devices that updates its current location to a web services API.
  • The data of the Lat/Long in the cloud server is then used to visually show the current location of the driver (using Google Maps).
  • The present time interval data then shows the progress of the service provider’s vehicle in near real-time.
  • Real-time alerts are triggered when the vehicle reaches the particular location of incident & warnings are triggered in case of excessive idling time.
  • Finally, the recorded data is used to feed into a fake GPS, in order to simulate the trip and see how improvements can be made over time.

Business Results

  • Increased customer - end satisfaction in need of road-side assistance
  • Historical Data for future predictive analysis such as ETA optimization
  • Optimization of service providers’ vehicles, including increased fuel economy, transparency in driver statistics & behaviours