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Client and their Business Need

  • Client is one of the leading public sector bank in India.
  • Change from Paper based PIN delivery to secure Web-based PIN issuance and management solution.
  • Hardware Security Modules Solution for translating up to 1600 PIN triple DES Pin block Per Second.
  • Solution for Supporting HSM stored keys (including Master, Application and session keys).
  • HSM to support Crypto Graphic Standard: DES and Triple DES Algorithms – Provide PIN encryption, PIN Authorization and message authentication capabilities.

Inspirisys Solution

  • We Implemented Safenet Luna EFT HSM 60 TPS HSM for PIN Printing / Management.
  • We Implemented Safenet Luna EFT HSM 1200 TPS HSM for mPIN generation using ATM Cards ( OTP).

Business Results

  • SafeNet PIN Delivery reduces operational costs, increases revenue, its eco friendly & saves resources for banks.
  • Banks Customers need not have to wait for receiving their PIN through traditional time-consuming paper-based PIN delivery via mail.
  • Strongest Security
  • Key in Secure Purpose Built Hardware.
  • Intrusion-resistant, tamper-evident hardware.
  • Secure Audit Logging
  • PCI-HSM Certification
Crypto Management - HSM