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Crypto asset management refers to the practice of managing digital assets offering efficient service by maintaining electronic ledgers with the help of a network. It consists of cryptocurrency funds, cryptocurrencies, blockchain companies, etc. Moreover, crypto asset management can bring new opportunities for businesses such as new avenues of capital and liquidity pools.

Modern day challenges need modern solutions. Our client, who is a leading public sector bank, wanted us to replace their traditional paper-based PIN delivery system for prepaid and postpaid cards to secure web-based PIN issuance. The challenge here is to support a large number of requests that equals 1600 PIN triple DES Pin block Per Second ensuring 100% security as there are highly confidential assets both for the customers and the bank. 

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Client and their Business Need

  • The client is one of the leading public sector banks in India

  • Change from Paper-based PIN delivery to secure Web-based PIN issuance and management solution

  • Hardware Security Modules Solution for translating up to 1600 PIN triple DES Pin block Per Second

  • Solution for Supporting HSM stored keys (including Master, Application, and session keys)

  • HSM to support Cryptographic Standard: DES and Triple DES Algorithms – Provide PIN encryption, PIN Authorization, and message authentication capabilities

Inspirisys Solution

  • We Implemented Safenet Luna EFT HSM 60 TPS HSM for PIN Printing / Management

  • We Implemented Safenet Luna EFT HSM 1200 TPS HSM for many generations using ATM Cards ( OTP)

Business Results

  • SafeNet PIN Delivery reduces operational costs, increases revenue, is eco-friendly & saves resources for banks.

  • Bank Customers need not have to wait for receiving their PIN through traditional time-consuming paper-based PIN delivery via mail.

  • Strongest Security

  • Key in Secure Purpose-Built Hardware.

  • Intrusion-resistant, tamper-evident hardware.

  • Secure Audit Logging

  • PCI-HSM Certification

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