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Identity and Access Management

Every digital or electronic identities need users to manage and edit the system. Identity and access management include an array of business functions, different policies, etc that helps in the management of electronic or digital identities. With the help of the IAM framework, users can gain access to crucial data. Moreover, IAM systems provide world-class security options like two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication, and privileged access management. Identity access management also helps you track and keep records of employee activity. Moreover, it helps detect errors, track suspicious activity and manage activities accordingly.

Client and their Business Need

  • The client is a direct broadcast satellite television provider in India.

  • To Implement common password policies across all applications

  • Implement Single Sign-On for the applications

  • Usability enhancements

  • Centralize the management of user lifecycle

  • Ability to ensure that a User on Siebel can spawn and use only 1 session.

Inspirisys Solution

  • Installed Oracle Identity Access Management 11gr2 in HA mode for Access Management (SSO) & for User Provisioning & Password Management.

  • Created the Identity repository by seeding identities in Oracle Internet Directory Server( LDAP)

  • Provided Training to clients to handle L1 & L2 calls & Inspirisys is Providing L3 Support for the Implemented Solution.

Business Results

  • Achieved Single Sign-On for the Siebel & other Legacy applications and automated the user lifecycle management

  • Applications integrated with Oracle IAM

  • Siebel CRM

  • Siebel PRM – PARTNER

  • SAP

  • KMS

  • PRM - Service

  • Active Directory Integration

Identity and Access Management