As a strategic concept, warranty management builds strong customer relationships while reducing company costs. In addition, warranty management services also allow businesses and enterprises to generate revenue and increase margins. These services also offer warranty claim features, handle delays in the reporting procedure. 

Inspirisys provides a high level of integrity testing, repair and refurbishment services for a wide range of OEM products covering a broad variety of IT peripherals, IT Networks, Telecom accessories, Electronic circuit boards, Modules, and Systems.

Our repair operations are ISO certified and we ensure that all usable/unusable parts & materials are recycled / scrap as per E-waste policies.


We provide a full spectrum of functional repair capabilities from software-related issues to highly technical board repairs that restore the device to a usable state in accordance with a defined functional repair standard. By providing an efficient, high-quality repair service, we help to provide the customers with a positive after-sales support experience that can lead to increased loyalty to your brand.


We support swap, demonstration, or rental service programs with our electronic refurbishment service that transforms used products to an extremely high cosmetic or configuration standard. Our refurbishment service can increase the perceived value of the product and service as the customers receive a “like-new” product experience.

Repairs and Refurbishments