Seven Custom IoT Solutions for Discrete Manufacturers

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The manufacturing sector is undergoing rapid transformation. As technology evolves, the need for collaboration across the production units and visibility across myriad channels are significantly increasing. The transformation towards smart factories is driven by the idea of Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is among the core technology behind the industry 4.0 vision. A proactive adoption of IoT solutions has considerably supported manufacturers to tide over the challenges posed by the global pandemic. To address the issues in the production unit and to innovate rapidly, manufacturers are started to design and develop custom IoT solutions. In this blog, we have outlined 7 custom IoT solutions for today’s manufacturers to optimize cost and increase the production seamlessly.

Remote Monitoring and Alerting System

remote monitoring, custom iot solutions, inspirisys custom iot solutions, Inspirisys IoT solutionsRemote monitoring in a production facility is to check the equipment and report back the status. Traditionally cameras are used to manually monitor the machines or resources. But, security cameras have limitations in terms of power and data packets transmission. The ability to monitor moving or vibrating equipment is equally challenging. IoT technology is a viable alternative for traditional remote monitoring and alerting system. It can go beyond the capabilities of a CCTV camera. With a custom IoT solution, the manufacturer can integrate sensor mounted equipment with a cloud platform. The system can report on location, condition and usage wirelessly in real-time.

Predictive Equipment Failure Detection

IoT solutons, IoT Sensor services, IoT solutions for manufaturing solutionsIoT sensor values and algorithms can predict and anticipate impending equipment failures. The custom solution includes identifying the features resulting in equipment failures and configuring a predictive model by scoring the test data to check the reliability of the predictive model. The algorithm identifies the change point in a key operating parameter of the IoT equipment and follow it up with a test to predict if the recent shift will result in the failure of equipment. This process continues and it utilizes multivariate IoT data to predict equipment failures.

Smart Vibration Analysis

vibration analysis, IoT solutions for manufacturers, custom IoT solutions, Internet of things solutionsAmong the top IoT sensors, vibration sensor is becoming an essential part. It improves the measurement accuracy and lowers the hardware cost. With the sensor, manufacturers can design a custom IoT solution to create an intuitive dashboard on vibration analysis. Vibration sensors physically attach to the core equipment and manufacturing systems such as motors and tubes. It calculates the velocity and acceleration for trending time waveform and spectrum for fault categorization. A custom mobile application can be designed to collect and correlate the huge volume of vibration data from the sensors.

Predictive Maintenance

predictive maintenance, custom iot solutions, internet of things iot solutions, Internet of things solutionsPredictive maintenance is one of the most used applications of industry 4.0. The conditions of machines are evaluated with predictive maintenance technologies in IoT to predict when maintenance needs to be performed. With an effective IoT predictive maintenance in place, manufacturers can save cost. Condition based monitoring is a widely used process in prediction analysis in which the condition of the equipment is constantly analysed by looking at pre-defined equipment parameters.


Smart Fleet Management

fleet management, IoT solutions for manufactuing, IOT solutions for manufactureresInternet of Things can be effectively used to maintain the longevity of heavy vehicles used in the manufacturing industry. Fleet operators or manufacturers can harness the benefits of custom-built IoT solutions to keep up with the pace and save cost. IoT enabled predictive vehicle maintenance provides data on tire pressure, vehicle battery, engine health etc. Manufacturers can collaborate with state-of-the-art technologies such as cloud, big data, IoT and artificial intelligence to create a connected ecosystem. The endpoints or fleets can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Proactive Quality Control

Quality control, custom IoT solutions, Inspirisys IoT solutions for manufacturingIt is an essential process to assess the quality of product or service in every industry. In manufacturing, quality control is the most critical process. Manufacturers can build a custom IoT solution to level up their quality control in the production unit. Internet of Things connectivity can detect granular critical data points in the production line, assess and alert the issues related to quality. With 24/7 secured monitoring, quality of the products can be assessed and issues can be diagnosed with source in real-time. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the quality control process can be effectively automated.

Real-time Asset Tracking

assesst tracking system, custom IoT solutions, custom internet of things, Custom IoT ServicesAsset tracking is monitoring the location of assets that matters to the organization. Real-time asset tracking refers to spotting the location of assets in real-time using modern technologies. Most of the manufacturers use a bar code system to locate the assets. Workers scan the bar code to update the location status manually. It can be effectively automated using IoT. Manufacturers can reduce the amount of time they spend on locating materials, tools and equipment using IoT enabled real-time asset tracking.

Industrial IoT is a way to digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are reimagining their production line by designing and developing custom IoT solution by employing a network of sensors. With an extensive knack on the IoT ecosystem and a radical approach towards IoT-led digital transformation, Inspirisys helps manufacturers to realize the significant benefits from IoT and experience better possibilities.

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