Artificial Intelligence

Every day a huge volume of data is generated in the banking industry. With Artificial Intelligence, valuable insights can be identified and sorted. Machine learning enables the analytics platform to be more intelligent with more data. Leveraging this technology, banks can predict customer behavior to provide rich customer experience.

ISL helps banks to jumpstart their advanced analytics journey with structure/unstructured data, and build an Enterprise Orchestration platform with Advanced Analytics for precise ML models quickly in Cloud / On-Prem / Hybrid environments.

Our AI platform generates data segmentation and provides a view customized for banks’ unique requirements. The segmentation is achieved by unsupervised machine learning algorithms.

With the capability to integrate with data tools, our AI tool enables sourcing and preparing a huge volume of data for data integration and storage-all this through a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. 

artificial intelligence, inspirisys artificial intelligence servicesUsing multiple data sources, this enables banks to deliver personalized campaigns. Real-time insights on customers help to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and determine the next best offers.

Analysing account data obtained from integrated systems such as CRM, transaction systems, and service tickets, an AI tool enables users to reach out to customers through the right channel based on their psychographic attributes.

Our Offerings:

  • Multi-Tenancy (Seamless creation & Scalability of analytics environments)
  • Flexibility (On-Premise, Hybrid, Cloud)
  • Auto ML & Deep Learn (Leverage state of art tools to gain valuable insights)
  • Self-Services Analytics (Ingestion to Visualization)
  • ROI Evaluation (Seamless Business Case evaluation on different environments like HDP and Map-R)

60% of financial institutions believe data analytics offer a significant competitive advantage.
90% believe data initiatives will determine their success in the future.