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  • consulting services, inspirisys consulting solutionsVAPT Services – Our security experts use our experience from the front lines of cyber-attacks to simulate the tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers that target your environment. VAPT are comprehensive services for security audit, security amendment, recommendation, security monitoring, risk analysis, forensic analysis, and penetration testing
  • SOC Implementation - Our Security operations specialists oversee the operating components of enterprise information systems, including web-based applications, enterprise applications, databases, data centers, servers, networks, desktops, and other endpoints. At Inspirisys, our approach to security operations support involves the identification of customer requirements, implementation, monitoring, tuning, and utilization of appropriate tools. We understand the challenges associated with keeping an organization secure and we leverage our experience designing, building, and implementing Security Operations Centers for small and large organizations.
  • Cybersecurity Posture Analysis – Our security posture analysis focuses on your ability to safeguard your most critical assets. Unlike a traditional vulnerability assessment, our posture analysis is based on a methodology of integrating defensive, offensive, and compliance security paired with the traditional elements of a vulnerability assessment.
  • Security Awareness Campaign - Organizations need a planned approach to change employees’ behaviour and minimize the risk of the data breach. A data compromise is commonly caused from within an organization. Inspirisys cybersecurity awareness training supports your employees to increase their cyber awareness. We will closely work with you to strategize an effective implementation of information security awareness campaign plans personalised to your organization. The campaigns address the subjects that matter most by covering high-risk threat topics such as social engineering, spamming, phishing. It includes practical straight forward steps to identify and report a cyber-threat that attempts to gain unauthorized access to breach organizational data. We assess how well the employees understand the information security policy and provide a comprehensive report. We ensure your employees to learn the best cybersecurity practices and become the front line of defence against emerging cyber-attacks.
  • Security Awareness Training – Leveraging a combination of courses, videos, posters, tip sheets and other reinforcement assets. Our security awareness campaigns take an interactive and engaging approach to help employees recognize the value of different types of sensitive information and drive the behavioural change needed to protect it. It is designed for general staff in roles such as human resources, legal, marketing, finance, sales, operations and customer service.
  • Phishing Simulation Services – As part of this service, we simulate the real-world phishing attack scenarios and ensure that your employees are equipped with the knowledge needed to thwart them.

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