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Data Security

  • inspirisysData Loss Prevention– We have an expertise in implementing industry leading Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to safeguard your intellectual property and ensure compliance by protecting sensitive data wherever it lives – on premises, in the cloud, or at the end points.
  • Data Encryption - We help organizations to take a data-centric approach to safeguard their sensitive information. Encryption and cryptographic key management products enable organizations of all sizes to secure sensitive data in databases, applications, storage systems, virtualized platforms, and cloud environment.
  • Data Activity Monitor – Database security solutions protect you against external, internal, intra-database threats. It gives you complete visibility into your database landscape and security policy administration while efficiently maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • File Integrity Monitor – Application changes on critical servers often signal a breach. We implement the leading Integrity Monitoring services (FIM) solutions for your critical servers so you're alerted as soon as changes happen.
  • Information Rights Management – IRM enables enterprises to securely sync files, share documents and work with files wherever they need to go, even on devices beyond IT control. Granular access rights ensure that files open only on corporate devices and laptops. Enforcing permissions also ensures that you will remain compliant, even for files accessed from personal devices. Result: Unprecedented Enterprise Mobility and the ability to embrace BYOD – while still keeping your data safe and secure.

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