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Network Security

inspirisysNetwork Security is the first line of security defense that protects against external threats originating from the internet. It should be a key part of any security plan that an organization has. Depending on overall site security requirements, our network security solutions can actually help organizations to prevent external threats from entering their premises. Our layered security architecture helps organizations to identify and decide placement of different security devices in their network. Key network security offerings include.

  1. Perimeter Protection– We offer commercial perimeter security solutions including next generation firewall protection and perimeter intrusion detection to help prevent external threats from entering your network.
  2. DDoS Protection - Our DDoS protection architecture has been developed by working with industry leaders like F5 and Radware and fine-tuning their components. This in turn accommodates specific datacenter size and industry requirements.
  3. Network Forensics – Network forensics, or ‘network time machine,’ helps organizations pinpoint the source of data leaks and conduct investigations to identify the source of intermittent performance issues. This helps to find the needle in the haystack.
  4. Network Access Control - Next generation NAC systems can see and identify the issues related to the data leak or rogue devices getting access to the network.

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