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Nexgen Service Delivery Platform

While IT services are critical for delivering essential services and for people to stay connected, prevailing budgetary challenges and resource movement constraints necessitate a Services Delivery Model that can facilitate Self Service at a reduced cost. At Inspirisys, we offer an AI/ ML-enabled “NexGen Service Delivery Platform” that addresses these concerns.

Nexgen Service Delivery Platform
Why Businesses Need a Digital Services Models

The Digital Service Model is a next generation delivery model that is highly productized, service centric, fully automated, and enables a consumer-grade user experience. Here are a few ways in which businesses can benefit significantly by adopting the blueprint of Digital Service delivery models and successfully navigate ongoing and upcoming crises.

Digital Services
Digital Services Management
Delivering Organizational Value Through Digital Services Management

InspiriSYS believes that each company’s service management and service delivery models and goals are different. We combine the best practices of both ITSM and ITIL with our already developed workflows and methodologies. Therefore we deliver service management solutions that can be applied to your entire organization.

  • 30-40% ticket resolutions
  • Pre-Built 50+ automation
  • See reduced costs immediately
  • Improve MTTD/MTTR
  • Accelerated service delivery
  • Improve employee experience
  • Reduce complexity & uncertainty
Delivery Platform Services
Capabilities Of Inspirisys Nexgen Delivery Platform

The InspirisysNexGen Delivery Platform is a Digital Service Model that caters to the needs of the digital first employee and enterprise users, while augmenting the best of infrastructure and automation. Here are a few reasons your business can benefit by adopting to Digital Service delivery models

  • BOTS with AI/ML Capabilities
  • Digital Self Service Platform
  • End User Support Automation
  • Workplace Analytics
  • Digital Experience Monitoring
  • AI for IT Operations (Aiops)

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Your people are the pulse of your organization. Enabling them with the right technology infrastructure is key to help your business flourish. We can help build and transform your enterprise seamlessly with tools that can help boost productivity and enhance employee experiences.


Infrastructure System Administration
Managed Services
Managed Services

We understand the need for businesses to stay on top of SLAs and KPIs. We provide remote-ready IT solutions such as onsite/remote/Hybrid infrastructure management. Whatever operation model you pick –shared and/or dedicated – our infrastructure solutions can be customized to track SLAs, manage incidents, utilization of IT assets, and more with tiered response and resolution models.

What We Offer
  • Helpdesk
  • Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Service Level Reporting
  • Audit and Professional Services
  • Tools and Services Automation
Network Solutions
Network Solutions

Continuously modernizing and adapting to the rising needs of your enterprise network requirements is a spot where most IT teams are caught grappling. In order to support next-gen organizational scale computation, one must invest in modern network solutions. We offer 360-degree consultation, deployment and support for all business’ tech network needs.

What We Offer
  • Campus Fabric
  • Data Center Fabric
  • Wireless LAN and BYOD
  • Intelligent WAN and SD-WAN
  • Solutions
  • Application Delivery Controllers
  • Network Analytics


Green IT

Demands for enterprise applications are always changing. This lays significance in employing an agile data center that supports all computational needs across your organization.

Management Systems

Organizational data is both voluminous and critical. It is important to keep all this data safe with robust storage, backup and recovery systems in place.

Business Continuity

Ensuring uninterrupted access to data, applications and infrastructure at all levels of the organization helps navigate unprecedented times. Revisiting infrastructure availability is essential.

Database and Middleware
Application Service

24*7 support and services to help keep your database and middleware applications in ship shape! Always stay on track with operational and performance goals with enterprise class services.


IT teams across industries and locations are often found battling with the fluctuating demands in IT Service Requests. As new models of business and work-from-home ecosystems emerge, IT teams need to ramp-up their operational capacity in order to support this surge. We offer cost-effective infrastructure and security management services, remote monitoring and management services.