Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is indisputably the powerful new wave that is poised to impact all of technology and human life as we know it. Advances in AI have been breathtaking in recent times and it is expected that companies that capitalize on applying AI to existing or novel business models will reap great benefits.

Enterprises looking for sustainable business growth solutions achieve digital transformation by opting for data-driven business decisions. An effective digital transformation is achievable with an integrated data culture that facilitates streams of actionable insights. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming data and analytics practices, technology, business and customer relationships across value chains. Improved operational efficiency, personalized customer experience, automation, reducing uncertainties, and cost reduction are some of the values achieved by successful AI-based data practices.

Inspirisys – Your AI Development Partner

We at Inspirisys are geared to assist you on your journey in engineering AI-driven solutions that enhance your business models.

Our Offerings

Foundational Models

These are large-scale models and LLMs released periodically by well-known companies such as OpenAI, Google, Meta, Anthropic, Cohere, etc. We can help you build or wrap solutions around models such as ChatGPT/GPT-3.5/GPT-4, LLaMA derivatives, Falcon, BLOOM, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, Whisper, BERT, etc. These include NLP and large language generative models that cover text, audio, images, and video. Many of these models may be incorporated directly into large, medium, and small model options, or are accessible via APIs. These interactions include what is known as “prompt engineering”. We also work with several open-source LLMs such as those available through Hugging Face and other repositories.

Chat with your Enterprise Data

One of the most common use cases for LLMs is to have these models understand or work with enterprise data. There is often the need to keep all such data on-premise and private. We can fine-tune or otherwise augment LLMs with your enterprise data. We can give you options to use open-source LLMs on-premise or use cloud-hosted commercial and open-source models. We also apply methods like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), along with the use of tools like LangChain, LlamaIndex, and the LLM engine.

Model Building / Deployment

From the literature survey, R&D prototype model building and testing, to full-fledged data management, model training and deployment, we can assist in your efforts to bring reliable AI models to market quickly.

MLOps and Data Pipelines

We can also assist with the creation of your MLOps pipelines, from data preparation, model training and hyperparameters tuning, to testing and deployment, and incorporate human feedback into the pipeline when required.

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)

Many common or popular use cases for AI/ML are now largely commoditized and available for use as a service. AWS, Azure, Microsoft, Google and others provide ready-to-use models: such as for object recognition, NLP, forecasting, chatbots and many others. We can help you choose, train and build on top of these hosted models in the cloud.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

By leveraging statistical and popular modeling techniques for predictive and prescriptive analytics, we can help you analyze, forecast and make better sense of your data.

Why Inspirisys Artificial Intelligence & Data Science?

With Inspirisys’ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services, you can enjoy end-to-end automated processes, fruitful customer relationships, enhanced analytics, and future-ready business processes. Our AI/ML experts help you stay relevant to the fast-changing business landscape and rising customer expectations. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions will help businesses hold the silver spoon by predicting market trends, enabling smart decision-making, and chalking out market-winning strategies. By leveraging our AI/ML services and solutions, businesses can explore endless possibilities and glean insights to drive revenue through the efficient use of data.

Some of the Technologies We Use