Cloud Migration Services

Inspirisys cloud migration services help businesses reduce physical equipment and expenses, and boost the overall productivity of the organization. By leveraging tried-and-tested techniques, our cloud migration and application development services will enable the hassle-free transformation of legacy applications and databases.

Our cloud migration solutions are the need of the hour to glean a deep-dive analysis and review of your company’s objectives, tailor-made assessments, and chalk out a roadmap to rebuild applications.

Our Offerings

Cloud Migration and Integration

Inspirisys helps organizations migrate their applications, data, and business processes from legacy systems to the cloud. Our cloud architects are committed to minimizing the downtime by improving the existing IT infrastructure, assessing risks, and chalking out a robust cloud migration strategy tailor-made for specific requirements. We can integrate your local applications with any third-party public or private clouds or even enable a hybrid environment.

Cloud Security

By deploying a set of techniques to avoid vulnerabilities, our cloud architects provide stringent security measures to look after your cloud-based applications. This enables organizations to assign authorized users to ensure data privacy. Based on specific customer requirements, we implement the right approach to data security and privacy.

Cloud Data Management

Managing data in the cloud improves efficiency and allows organizations to scale their projects. Our cloud data management solution can collate and analyze data from various sources at high speed.

Cloud-Native Development

Partnering with some of the leading cloud service providers including AWS and Azure, we churn out full-fledged cloud solutions by leveraging the three service models – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Why Inspirisys for Cloud Migration Services

Inspirisys has been a technology partner for leading F500 companies over the last 3 decades. We have also been part of a Japanese conglomerate, CAC Holdings Group, since 2018. We are an ever-evolving Solutions & Services company that helps customers experience infinite possibilities across a wide range of technologies. By leveraging our cloud-based services, organizations can save time, resources, and minimize their total cost of ownership (TCO). With proven methodologies and approaches, our cloud services will help you with a seamless, hassle-free transformation from on-premise to cloud and build scalable solutions for your business needs.

Some of the Technologies We Use