Application Development and Maintenance Services

Inspirisys is ideally positioned to build custom applications in modern platforms and also maintain by offering the portfolio of services such as domain consulting, version management, code maintenance, system documentation, end-user training, verification and validation, data migration & platform migration. We adhere to the stringent service level agreement and help the banks to reduce the total cost of ownership for their applications.

Consultation for enhancements is provided as a service by Inspirisys to banks, which is desirous of developing complementary solutions to meet their specific requirement.

Our Managed Service Offerings are Helpdesk Service, Monitoring Services, Infrastructure Management Services, Asset Management Services, Vendor Liaison Services, and Service Level Reporting.

application development services, app maintenance solutionsWe provide both application and infrastructure support to the financial institutions. This ensures effective coordination, ease of assessment of the situation and better Turn-Around-Time.

Our Offerings

Financial institutions have the option of choosing one or all of CAPP Model via corrective (fixing errors that are observed when the software is in use), adaptive (change in the software environment), perfective (new functionalities in the software), and preventive (implementing changes to prevent the occurrence of errors) support services.